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Dark_Alex is back!

It is said that if PSP gamers would ever have a religion, that would be customized firmwares and their god will be Dark_Alex! Yes peeps! DA is back! He has come with a heavy loaded nuclear weapon that will shake the PSP world! It’s called the “Despertar Cementerio PSP Fat More...

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Interesting Chain Mail

Hola Cabron y Cabronas! Im back after a long ass break and god Shahz have been bitching about posting a blog since then. Haih.. Anyways, my laptop is broken and Im writing this blog at my work place! Hope that my boss wouldnt find it out! Hahaha… Ok kids, today More...

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iPod touch & iPhone games & applications

Hello world.. Well, I just recalled a message from my fellow friend who is an advanced level programmer and designed some applications for the iPod & iPhone stuff..Check it out.. (more…)

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Malaysian Police is doing its job

Hi there guys.. Today is a happy day for me and all the credit goes to Polis Di-Raja Malaysia (PDRM) for their efforts. What happened? Well, last month, my house was broken into by robbers. Me and my family were in Shah Alam to visit my cousins. We stayed there More...

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Windows Live Mail is now 5GB!

Hello dudes and dudettes.. Well, I’m not really a fond of Windows Live Messenger but I’m holding an account there which I have been using since 1998..And I dont want to lose it..hehe..So I keep it for my Windows Live Messenger ID – at least the account will not get More...

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Hand Puppet Master – Must Watch!

Hey guys, how’s things goin on? Well, I recieved an email from my friend today about a Hand Master Puppet video..I loved it so much that I uploaded it to YouTube and now I’m posting it to my blog to share it with others..Hope you love it :)

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Truely “Independent” Malaysian

Bonjourno boys and girls… The independence of Malaysia has turely brings a lot of emotions, memories and pride in every single one of us as a Malaysian. Well Im not really 100% sure about that statement that I have made because so far, I have seen so many people pointing More...

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Windows Live Messenger Tab Enabler and Disabler

Remove side tabs of Windows Live Messenger

Hi there guys.. Let’s do some simple hacking today – Making your Windows Live Messenger (aka MSN messenger) neat..Now, before we begin, can you spot the difference between these two versions of Windows Live Messenger? Well, of course the second one looks neat..So if you want your More...

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The truth behind Nestlé

Aye, boys and girls… Its me again and Im back with the more stories about multinational companies, the wars, and stuff that most of the people know nothing about. Mostly about the stories that goes on behind the scenes :-) And today, Im going share a little bit of my More...

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Linux IGD Internet Gateway on WinXP

Hello there guys..It’s tech time again today..hehe.. Now everyday, we learn something new and today is just another lesson..Now for this post, there are several possibilities that you actually reached here..

  1. Either you saw the following image: You didnt know what to do and Googled for it, and found


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