I know this is going to be one of the most common questions that most Malaysians who own the nexus 7 will ask me. Yes, Google is offering $25 wallet for apps purchase but its only for US – but you guessed that already huh? Fear not, we are not left out :) Its very simple if you follow these simple steps.

The key is to get your device connected to the US IP via Virtual Private Network (VPN), but its hard to find a really good free VPN provider that actually works. It took me a few hours to find one that was really reliable. Until I found one that will get our job done perfectly here. Its FREE, simple to use, and stable too! Its called the CactusVPN. All you have to do is just sign up for it and you will get a free account which is valid for 24 hours – more than the time we need to run this little hack.

So here are the steps:

  1. I personally advice you to factory reset your device first so you can start from the very beginning and get definite chances for this to work. That said, factory reset your device. If you don’t know how, go to Android Settings -> Backup & Reset -> Factory data reset.
  2. When the device loads, select English as your language. Setup your WIFI, but do NOT setup a Google account. Also do NOT enable the geolocation services. Skip everything and you will reach the homescreen.
  3. Now, put the device aside. Go to CactusVPN (click here) and sign up for an account under “Free VPN”. Once you have signed up, login and go to the Client Area and select “MyVPN services”. Click on the free VPN in the table under “My VPN Services” and you will be presented with all the details that you need.
  4. Now, on your Android device, go to settings and hit the “more” below “Data usage”. You will see an option for VPN, select that. Now click on “Add VPN Profile”. Insert “CactusVPN” as the name and PPTP as the type. You can get the server IP from the accounts page above. Enable PPP encryption and save the settings.
  5. Now, select the profile. It will ask for your username and password which you can get from the same account page above. Thats it, you should be connected to the VPN gateway.
  6. Now, run Google Play. It will ask you to add a credit card. Just use your local credit or debit card (it worked with my Maybank debit card too). Leave the country as US, insert the postcode as 10002 and phone number as (212)9255599. Once it validates, you will get $25 credited to your account.
  7. When making purchase, in the payment details, select Google Balance and it will deduct from it. Oh, and feel free to remove the debit card or credit card that you added earlier.
Thats it! Pretty simple isnt it? Good Luck! :)