Android against Apple in 2011

With the end of 2010, it has been pretty exciting to see how the Android vs Apple war has taken place. If 2010 was exciting, this year will be even more anticipating. While the big giants go head to head with their arsenal of gadgets, we as the consumers have some wise planning (and thinking) to do.

Most of you who have landed on my site are mostly Android users while the others who are viewing this post are probably neither of these users, but planning to get a new smartphone and conducting their in-depth finding about which smartphone to buy.

So what is expected in 2011? This year, the smartphone world is taking a giant leap into a totally new category. In fact, this time around, the war is no longer going to be driven towards mobile phones only. The revolution is about to begin and yes, you are right, its the tablets. Tablets are not unidentified flying objects that suddenly appeared from nowhere. In fact, they have been in the Adam and Eve stage on earth for quite some time and this time, they are building the Rome era with a remarkable significant in their history.

Credits to Apple for their iPad. Not because of the iPad itself, but to Apple’s superior marketing strategy and product centralization techniques that triggered the heat of tablets nationwide. In this sense, I bow down in respect to Apple, but to their filthy DRM and locking strategies, I say sorry Apple. Because of this smelly selfishness that they put into their products, people like me who are Open Source freaks turn our backs against these gadgets and continue our pursuit in finding the next juice to quench our tech thirst.

Thanks to Android once again. This year shows the signs of their Honeycomb (Android 3.0) release. With several hardwares planned ahead, you may want to look out for my next post where I will share some tips on what to look out when searching for your personal tablet. Not only that, I will also share some handy usage tips, guidelines and hopefully reviews on tablets in my coming posts filed under the Android category. So make sure you are subscribed via e-mail or RSS feeds.


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