My Android wish

Almost two years ago, the first Android phone came to the scene. I was kinda excited back then because I was already following its verdicts before it was even released. My first Android phone was the HTC Hero (which was lost when it was being shipped to SIS for warranty repair). I was reminiscing my experience with Android throughout this time and I can say, it was a great journey with various experiences.

There were excitements on the release of new phones, frustrations over late OTA updates, hardware companies against the hacking scene misunderstanding, hefty bootloader protections, T-Mobile’s git repository, n00bs stealing cyanogenmod’s work, MIUI, and a whole lot bunch of goodness.

The main fact is, combining everything, you will realize that Android is not just built by Google. Its not just an OS. Its a community. Its improved by the users and it just gets better day by day. This is the result of open source where everyone can contribute and improve the OS instead of locking the users with an OS that people can’t do much with.

After all this while, there is one experiment someone has to do. One of these hardware companies need to release a phone which comes rooted from the factory. No protected bootloaders, no hacking required. Root-requiring applications install on the out-of-the-box phone. If this can ever happen, then I can pretty much guarantee the support for the device will be immense. Android phones are getting saturated day by day and its getting tougher to come up with a new hardware. This will be a strong selling point – not only for the hackers, but also for the community. It will not only give freedom to the users, but also educate the users on root access at the same time. This will take Android one step ahead and unleash the power of REAL Open Source. I cast my vote for this and I will definitely buy this phone if its ever made.


  1. arif
    #1 written by arif  (8 years ago)

    shahz, any idea when google nexus s will b made available in msian market or never?

    • Shahz
      #2 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

      No predictions on Nexus S yet, but if you really want to buy it, I can get a brand new set for you..Set comes from US and usable in Malaysia..

  2. arif
    #3 written by arif  (8 years ago)

    thats awesome. would there b any limitations interms of functions or anything like that as opposed to a msian set? where do i send for repair/warranty n stuff?

    • Shahz
      #4 written by Shahz  (8 years ago) will be an unlocked device with full features..For warranty and repairs, you can send the phone to Samsung Singapore I suppose..I bought my Nexus One on the first day it was released too..That was 5th January 2010..Its been more than a year now and the warranty has ended..Never required to send for warranty..Its kinda gamble thingy ☺ Thats the only way we can get these devices into our country..We’re bringing it in for US for RM2400 if you are interested :)

  3. arif
    #5 written by arif  (8 years ago)

    ok lets hope the phone doesnt need warranty claim but it may need u think handphone shops can do the repair?what comes in the box? when r u going to make a review of the phone?hehehe

    • Shahz
      #6 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

      That depends on the fault really..Usually if its hardware related, the shops can fix it (provided they have the spare parts)..If its a software problem, with root access, a pre-bricked phone can still be saved..But if its totally bricked, only then you have to send it for warranty claims..When I bought the Nexus One, I was prepared for the circumstances too..Gotta bite the bullet to own a rare piece :)

      I didn’t buy the nexus S..I did play with it for a while though, but not enough to write a review..My next review probably will be on some tablets somewhere in April / May..unless of course I get sponsorship for a particular device..haha..

  4. arif
    #7 written by arif  (8 years ago)

    man this is so risky…did nexus one ever landed here or until now have to go to grey market? just out of curiousity is htc desire hd getting gingerbread update anytime soon?

    • Shahz
      #8 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

      Nexus One never made it to Malaysia.. ☺ Not sure about HTC Desire HD’s gingerbread though..You know very well, OTAs are really not predictable :D

  5. arif
    #9 written by arif  (8 years ago)

    if theres one thing to hate about google-android it has to be its unglobalised market strategy.iphone is all over the world n quite frankly nothing is so special about iphone. y cant google make its phone available all over the world and this includes the services (e.g google maps navigation n google shoppers n ANDROID MARKET especially). but anyways if im interested to buy nexus s how do i contact u?

    • Shahz
      #10 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

      I would argue that though..iPhone itself took very long to land in Malaysia..We didn’t get iPhone on the first day either..Heck, we didn’t even get iPhone 4 the first day it was released..Even iTunes took years to allow users to download apps in Malaysia..At least we Malaysians were given the free market to play with :) They have a reason for all this..Google is opening an office in Malaysia anytime now..Thats when things will change for us..

      If you want to buy the Nexus S, you can reach me HERE.

  6. arif
    #11 written by arif  (8 years ago)

    quite true but atleast we already have iphone 4 here n i was surprised u told me n1 have not even reached msia shores til might mean never…yea i read about google’s office in msia..HOPEfully it will benefit the android users in msia…when u wrote HERE means here or the hyperlink?haha

    • Shahz
      #12 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

      N1 was never planned for Malaysia..And FYI, N1 is already no longer produced..So its basically an exclusive phone now :)
      You can e-mail me here:

  7. arif
    #13 written by arif  (8 years ago)

    oh ok i got it…4get about me asking the here thingy..

  8. arif
    #14 written by arif  (8 years ago)

    shahz if i use the nexus s here..will i b able to get OTA android software updatE?or does it have to depend on the carrier?

    • Shahz
      #15 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

      Yep..You will get OTA..OTA is carrier independent..Don’t worry bro, Android community is so huge and so helpful that even stuff that you can’t get in our country will somehow be available for us..

      Some of the stuff that I have in my Nexus One that is still not available officially for Malaysia:

      1. Google Maps 5.1.0 WITH navigation :P
      2. YouTube remote control :P
      3. Google Voice :P

  9. arif
    #16 written by arif  (8 years ago)

    Dude, i soo need to learn some tricks from u. how da heck u got Google maps WITH navigation to work here?mind sharing?im using GA A10 at the moment. thanks bro

    • shahz
      #17 written by shahz  (8 years ago)

      Haha..why do you need that on A10..when you have the GARMIN navigation – which is way awesomer.. :D To do it, you will need root access though :) Root access is very powerful and this is something that some people don’t realize..It allows us to do literally ANYTHING.. :D

  10. arif
    #18 written by arif  (8 years ago)

    my GA A10 is rooted…but i only discovered some good stuff like setCPU tweaking my processor (thanks to ur blog) enabler…but i never read about google navigation….u should make an article about all the things u could do on a rooted android phone..haha

  11. Shahz
    #19 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

    Woah..Writing something that can be done with a rooted phone is an article that can span thousands of Garmin-Asus, I recommend using Brut Maps..You can get it from HERE. I uploaded it to my server for you. This is not the latest Maps version, but its a lo easier to install because it will install a totally separate version of Maps with its navigation tools on your phone. The one I am running, needs to replace the default maps and its a bit more complex.

  12. arif
    #20 written by arif  (8 years ago)

    thanks bro it worked. however whats da diff between my version n urs? how do i know the map im using is up-to-date?and is it true that google maps must use 3G connection in order to navigate?

    • Shahz
      #21 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

      The version that I’m using is latest..It has 3D maps building and stuff that is not available in Malaysia (as in not included in the Malaysian maps at all). THe version that I gave you is slimmer, and has all the features that our country can use..

      Yes, the navigation does need 3G connection only for the maps to load..But it doesn’t hog the data though..Thats why I said, when you have Garmin awesomeness, why do you need Google

  13. arif
    #22 written by arif  (8 years ago)

    i already checked out the latest version it looks so cool.but if u said theres no 3d maps building in msia whats the point. i like to try out new things..i wonder y google just put 1ghz n 5 MP into that phone as i thought they should build a really high end phone that can accomodate future needs

    • Shahz
      #23 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

      Thats why I gave you the trimmed version..Coz you the other stuff is not available (not disabled..but not available at all)..

      Are you saying 1GHz is not enough? lol..1GHz is something that even computers didn’t have about a decade ago bro..That’s a LOT actually..

  14. arif
    #24 written by arif  (8 years ago)

    it may be enough for now but with rapid gaming development n other more sophisticated apps…i think its only a matter of time 1ghz may b obsolete..put it simply if i buy nexus s how long do u think the phone can last in the market b4 it bcomes demoted to a medium end?another 2 yrs mebe?

    • Shahz
      #25 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

      1GHz will take really a long time to be kicked off..Even my Nexus One can play the most graphic intensive games on Android right now and still do multi-tasking..Games for Android aren’t going to be like Call Of Duty or HALO yet..Remember, with 1GHz processor, you can actually play PS2 games already..provided the Bus speed is fast enough :)

    • Shahz
      #26 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

      Even the PSP has only 333MHz and 64MB of RAM ;) Still have doubts? :D

  15. arif
    #27 written by arif  (8 years ago)

    i dont think its quite fair to compare a phone with a stand alone gaming device such as PSP due to the fact that we multi-task on our phones..however since ur experience with n1 proved that 1Ghz can cope with all the multi-tasking, im starting to believe it will be enough for a few more years to come. nonetheless, we’ll see what would the processor b for the upcoming iphone 5. would it still b 1ghz?

    • Shahz
      #28 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

      Well, PSP would be the closest gaming console to compare as we all know its the best one so far..If we are bearing more juice than the PSP has, basically, we have quite a lot..And with our phones running Android which already has excellent memory management, it really can go a few years to come..
      iPhone 4 is already bearing a 1GHz processor (the A4)..Only thing is, they clocked it down instead ☺ So iPhone 5 is supposed to include dual core at least to catch up with Android..

  16. arif
    #29 written by arif  (8 years ago)

    i read some rumors saying the processor might be a multi-core…so it could still remain at 1ghz but a multi-core processor?ure the expert =) anyway i gotta ask u another thing…does nexus s support 4G n based on what i can see google seems to b releasing new phone once a year…so r we gonna see a newer model of nexus being released early 2012?

    • Shahz
      #30 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

      Nexus S does not support the 4G network..There will be a special 4G version released later though..The Nexus S 4G..Then again, its still a rumor so I can’t confirm that..We Malaysians still have a long way to go before adapting 4G like how we have our 3G at least currently..As for the Google phone..Well, I don’t really consider the Nexus S as the google phone if you ask me..Its just an upgraded Galaxy S..Unlike Nexus One which was built from scratch..That is THE Google phone.. ☺ As for new device coming in early 2012, I’m not sure..But if I find out, I’ll definitely post it here :D

  17. arif
    #31 written by arif  (8 years ago)

    how sure r u that the special 4G version will be releaseD and when? should i pending my purchase of nexus s until the 4G version released? thanks bro u have been very informative and helpful

    • Shahz
      #32 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

      I’m 50-50 on the 4G version but the rumors are pretty hard..Date..I will not promise..Dates are never promisable in Android up to you if you want to wait..Personally, I wont be using 4G at least for the next 3 years..

  18. arif
    #33 written by arif  (8 years ago)

    Shahz i need to get ur opinion, im not sure if nexus s has arrived in singapore. but lets just say it has arrived..if i buy the unlocked one(if there’s any) would it be the same if i buy the US set? im not sure how much it would cost tho.

  19. arif
    #35 written by arif  (8 years ago)

    bro if im not mistaken, u wrote on garmin asus wall asking if any1 dares to try the custom rom ur gonna compiled?haha any volunteer so far?i dont dare frankly..if the phone’s brick cant we just restore the software back?i suppose GA malaysia has a recovery software rite?

    • Shahz
      #36 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

      Thats the thing..Everyone knows how to whine when due matters..But no one dares to bite the bullet..

  20. arif
    #37 written by arif  (8 years ago)

    whats the probability of success/brick?did u manage to get fastboot?

    • Shahz
      #38 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

      very hard to assign a probability..Very high chances of bricking..I can flash using adb instead of fastboot..

  21. arif
    #39 written by arif  (8 years ago)

    ok that doesnt sound convincing. i think ill do just fine with current OS. even if its successful it might crash garmin software

  22. arif
    #41 written by arif  (8 years ago)

    bro i read on GA wall, some1 wrote an italian man is gonna release custom froyo. im not sure if its specifically for GA A10 or the credibility of the news. could u pls verify it?

    • Shahz
      #42 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

      Yeah, I saw that too..I hope he makes it..

  23. efariz
    #43 written by efariz  (8 years ago)

    bro Shahz..recently, new line of Xperia series lunched at SE official website..i kind of interested with Xperia Pro..i want to know when that f0n gonna available in Malaysia..??thanks..

    • Shahz
      #44 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

      SE shouldn’t really take long to reach Malaysia because our SE coverage is quite wide..If it doesn’t, there is always a way to bring it in anyway ;)

  24. arif
    #45 written by arif  (8 years ago)

    shahz, i just got to know that theres such a thing as samsung galaxy s 2. its running on 1ghz dual core. does it mean its way faster than nexus s processor?is there any chance it is going to b made available on msian market unlocked by samsung retailer?

    • Shahz
      #46 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

      Its still a rumor..Not confirmed..The same thing I told you the last time you asked about it (Nexus S 4G)..I still dont think it will make it to Malaysian market..

  25. arif
    #47 written by arif  (8 years ago)

    erm i was asking about samsung galaxy s 2..its on samsung website…infact its already been released a few days ago…it has 1ghz dual core. my question is would this be faster than nexus s hummingbird single core processor?….oh yeah one more thing…is android 2.4 coming out soon?

    • Shahz
      #48 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

      Oh..I didn’t realize its already released..Yeah, its much more powerful and it will definitely make a significant difference..However, dual cores are still new on Android..You may want to reconsider it..When Nexus One came out, the processor had issues with overheating..Several Nexus One even overheated and couldn’t turn on..Resulting in having to return for warranty..So whether its flawless or not, thats yet to be decided..

      Yeah, Android 2.4 is scheduled soon..

  26. arif
    #49 written by arif  (8 years ago)

    i think id prefer guaranteed updates for the coming years rather than having a super powered phone but with older OS…its no point as the potential capabilities of the phone is not being utilized to the max. can i just confirm with u that the resolution r the same for both am i right?(of coz galaxy S II has bigger screen but both r using super amoled screens). one thing i dont understand y did they make nexus s without a micro SD slot. what turn off.

  27. arif
    #50 written by arif  (8 years ago)

    shahz the US set of nexus S, is the charger a 2 pin or 3 pin? can it be plugged in to malaysia’s electric point socket?

    • Shahz
      #51 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

      Pins doesn’t really matter..These phones can be charged with USB..Which is a worldwide standard..SO you don’t have to worry about it :) The adapter might be 115V so make sure you check that first..When I bought my N1, I had an option to choose which adapter I wanna buy..

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