Apple has an app for that but you only get to pick

Yesterday, I posted about how applications should decide our OS and not the other way round. While having a wide variety of applications is an excellent approach in promoting an OS, the OS itself should also be able to accomodate everything that it promises.

Apple has reached more than 200K applications for its iPhone to date. Android OS on the other hand has 50K applications to offer. While the figures show a massive difference, here is one reason why I still prefer Android OS over iPhone. As you keep installing your applications in your iPhone, at one point, your applications are no longer visible in the application list. Unless you remove some of the newer apps, the older apps will not be visible. This is rather frustrating knowing that Apple offers 200K applications, but you don’t get to use them all at once.

On my Android, I can even opt to install both free and paid versions for the SAME application. I have 50K applications, and I can install all 50K if I want to. I may have several GPS applications on my phone and not worry about having to remove any particular one. Where variety is offered (especially when its the only strong argument you have against your rival), it is essential to make sure that your platform is able to accomodate everything that is being offered.

Well, its one of those days when I appreciate my Android. Don’t blame me. It just perfects me :)


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