Now, there are rumors that the next iPhone is launching soon. We all know how the world is going to respond to this, of course. But Samsung has made another statement that they will be releasing the new Galaxy Note BEFORE the release of iPhone 5. How does this affect Apple and what will be the impact on Samsung?

This is rather an interesting battle if you may ask. The iPhone needs not introduction. In fact, Apple had positioned the iPhone in such a way that their each and every release just gets bigger than the previous one. We have seen this happening as Apple gets declared as the first trillion dollar company.

However, in this battle, I’m much keen of seeing what Samsung have planned on their side. Samsung can be declared as the pioneer in Android activity by the way they have advertised their products. Regardless of how choppy the device’s performance is, coupled with cheap looking hardware and ugly bloatware, Samsung has managed to sell their devices very well. In fact, Samsung has the capabilities of defining new device sizes like nobody else does. For example, while people have 4.7″ phones, they come out with 5.3″ version; While others have a 7″ tablet, they come out with a 7.7″. So I wont be surprised if the Note suddenly becomes as 5.37″ device just to make it sound different. lol.

What gets more interesting is that, while all this while, Samsung has been producing the LCDs for the iPhone, it is rumored that the new iPhone’s screen will actually be made by Sharp. Now, this is something REALLY to be looked forward for. Personally, I am a fanatic of Sharp displays too. My little office’s personal 40″ LCD TV is a Sharp. My home theater 60″ HDTV is a Sharp. And I have very good experiences with Sharp displays. So if Apple nails it on the software side (which I doubt it will), this device will be something to look forward for!

Whatever it is, lets see how the tug-o-war goes along. I’m looking forward to both devices. What? Me? I’m a HTC fanatic. Sorry :)