Hello! I’m here to join the fun and add a little spice to this blog. Well not really. I’m the third blogger to make a little contribution to this lovely site (now that I’m here :P) My interests vary from everyday mundane things to digital art and interior design. So instead of listening to my boring rant (are you excited guys?) I’m going to be posting a collage of photos, ideas or anything that catches my eye in this wonderful world of the internet. Enjoy!

“Freedom is beautiful” Marq Spusta
Marq mentioned in his interview at www.underspray.com that his favourite movie is 80’s classic The Goonies. I remember watching it countless of times when I was little. Watch it if you ever get a chance. Here are some of his creations.

Marq Spusta's art

Marq Spusta

Say hello to Ken Wong.
“I have trouble using can openers, photocopiers and most food ingredients.” – Ken Wong
Check out his portfolio at http://www.kenart.net/index.htm

Ken Wong's illustration