One problem about buying a gadget is finding its accessories. It is, therefore, vital for the device manufacturers themselves to at least sell their version of the accessories to ease the customers. From my standpoint, if I see an original accessory, I’m much more likely to buy that accessory than a cheaper fake one that will not fit with my device and eventually damage it. ASUS brings in some of their accessories for their current existing devices – bravo!

Nexus 7 Travel Cover

Your Nexus 7 goes further with light and convenient protection


–          Tough yet soft snug-fitting case protects your device

–          Flexible non-slip matte texture provides great grip and protection against bumps and scrapes

–          Slim cover design allows the Nexus 7 to easily fit in your bag

–          Make a personal choice from six stylish colors

Retail Selling Price (RSP) = RM 129

Compatible for Nexus 7/7C

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Spectrum Cover

Dress your MeMO up in colorful textured cover


–          One-piece impact resistant slim cover uses hardened plastic

–          Includes scratch-preventing screen overlay

–          Custom pattern matches MeMO design for beauty beyond the device

–          Every port and button remains accessible but gains protection from dust

–          Available in four vibrant colors and snaps into place with a single push!

Retail Selling Price (RSP) = RM 109 (inclusive of Screen Protector)

Compatible for ASUS MeMO Pad

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VersaSleeve 7

Dress up in more style


–          Dual-position and multi-angle cover for 7” pad

–          Folding form factor enables handheld video watching and ergonomic typing

–          Protective soft-touch polyurethane and microfiber interior keeps 7” pad safe

–          Choose from four cool colors

Retail Selling Price (RSP) = RM 129

Compatible for Nexus 7ASUS MeMO PadASUS Fonepad

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Give yourself more input freedom


–          Precise and lag-free Bluetooth wireless connectivity

–          Slim, light, and streamlined portable design frees up desktop space wherever you go

–          Convenient micro USB charging

–          Every key tuned for complete input comfort

Retail Selling Price (RSP) = RM 299

Compatible for ASUS VivoTab Smartany device with Bluetooth connectivity

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TransSleeve Vivo

Get covered up in life


–          Multi-angle cover with dual positioning for video watching and ergonomic typing

–          Smart and neat magnetic hinges attach to your VivoTab for the best grip and perfect protection

–          Durable microfiber interior and polyurethane exterior keep the device secure

–          Colorful choice of four colors to match your lifestyle, custom designed for ASUS VivoTab

Retail Selling Price (RSP) = RM 199

Compatible for ASUS VivoTab Smart

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