ASUS eeePad Transformer reaches Malaysia

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Update: ASUS eeePad Transformer is officially launching on May 18th 2011 in Malaysia.

ASUS has its little piece of cake in the Android phone world with their Garmin-Asus A10 and A50 smartphones, but this time, it looks like they are about to hit it BIG in the tablet scene. There is little doubt about ASUS’ experience in laptops and desktops and taking this experience to the table level is just the thing they needed to do. The word about Transformer is already filling the Android airspace and the enthusiasm is pretty high. For me at least, this is one device that has kept me from purchasing the buggy Motorola Xoom – which to me was not ready for its launching.

The Transformer is the second of several tablets from ASUS in 2011, with the first being the Eee Slate EP121 professional tablet PC. This transformer will be followed by a 3G version – the Eee Pad Slider and Eee Pad MeMo in the coming months. While the Eee Slate uses Windows 7 along with Intel Core i5 ULV mobile CPUs, the Eee Pads will be concentrating on Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) OS with ARM CPUs.

The transformer will feature a fully functional keyboard which extends the battery life to up to 16 hrs, features a Micro SD card slot, a whopping 178° viewing Angle, dual cameras with 5MPx rear camera and 1.2MPx front facing camera, Adobe Flash 10.2 support, Full HD Playback, SRS surround sound, GPS and waveshare. The list gets longer and longer but this is already exciting enough to get a tablet pumped up. The tablet itself, without the docking keyboard is 12.98mm slim and weighs approximately 680g.

The screen of the Transformer is bump and scratch resistant for the clumsy ones. That said, feel free to carry it in your backpack and forget about scratches on the screens. This brute screen is not something new in the Android world as it has been seen in several smartphones already. Carrying a tablet should be a worryless task and ASUS has done it right on this scale.

Another very interesting feature that the Transformer is bearing is the 10 fingers multi-touch input. This means, your Fruit Ninja and Piano applications are about to get a whole new experience on the Transformer. And with HDMI output, the possibilities are just endless. The SRS surround is another feature to look forward to. The 3D stereo enhancement improved dynamic audio experience and maximizes bass response from smaller speakers. With front facing camera, video calls are about to become even more interesting as well.

A little fact about the Eee Pads is that:

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