atom-insideWhile the Asus Memo ME172 is still pending it launch this month, a newer version of its sibling has surfaced! The Memo Tab ME371MG tablet will continue the legacy of the Memo lineup and this time, things are about to get dead serious!

The 7″ device houses looks very much identical to the Nexus 7. Hardware wise, the only difference noticeable is that this one will have an earpiece speaker instead of just the front facing camera. At the back, you will no longer have the dotted grip but rather metallic surface with removeable top portion and a rear facing camera.

Whats awesome about this device is that it’s powered by the Intel Atom Z2420 clocked at 1.2GHz. The processor is a single core with dual threads but the performance is definitely head to head with my Nexus 7. It also has 1GB DDR2 RAM and 32GB internal storage. The display is a Super IPS+ and it will come in two color variants: grey and gold.

The top back cover is removable and you will see a slot for microSIM and microSD. Yes, you heard it right! Feel free to slot in your 64GB microSD. The interface will be familiar to Padfone2 users as it has the same purple ASUS custom dropdown. The rear camera felt like a 5MPx but I have no details on it at this point.

All in all, this is a device worth waiting for. The only big question that remains now is the price. Asus will have to position this device very carefully. We have a RM1099 Nexus 7, and an upcoming Memo ME172 rumored to be priced at about RM500-RM600 range. My guess for a fair price for this ME371MG would be around RM1200 really. Expected to be in the market by end of Q1, we will be reviewing this bad boy against our N7s head to head. Watch this space!