ASUS never fails to put a good show in every launch!

So I attended the ASUS event on the 29th October 2012 at Mid Valley Northcourt. ASUS unveiled some pretty awesome products I have to say. These are Windows 8 devices and I have to say, I didn’t really set the expectation as high as it was feast with. See, I’m anticipating for the upcoming Padfone 2 as I have been having its fever since I got to play with it a couple of weeks ago. I wasn’t looking forward to the Windows 8 devices at all. But here’s the thing. I was wrong. Totally wrong.

Imagine an ultrabook, touch enabled, you could use it as a tablet, and even use a Wacom pen with it. I mean, I have an Android tablet, but there has always been a gap in the bridge of my workplace and my tablet. I have to use Windows for Adobe Products as a standard among my web development team, so what was at work remained at work, while my tablet carried my entertainment and lighter work related stuff. This time, when I had my first hands on their products (especially the Transformer Book), I felt the convenience right in the event itself. The tablet was pre-loaded with all the applications that I use daily and when I detached it from its dock, suddenly I could imagine the million things I could do if I were carrying it around!

The thing is, these new devices are not just powerful. They are super light, elegant looking and sleek! With the tablet docked, it still felt like I was just carrying an ultrabook. Perfect. What next? Well, I have eyed some of the products and I’m hoping to review them soon. Watch this space as I get my hands on these sexy gadgets. Like its well known, my reviews are going to be very bullish. For the fact that its Windows 8 device, this will be even more interesting!

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