Welcome boys and girls!!
As usual, Im going to come up with some topic to talk about. Since Ive been having some complications lately with my personal life, this topic has got into my attention in the end and I would like to have you kids to join me to discuss about this. Today I am going to talk about how boys and girls think. I am going to try and discuss about the reality over this matters and how it can sometimes lead to your problem and how to avoid it.
Have you ever encounter the situation where the girl says “you cant go clubbing if Im not with you” and in the end, the girl does it? But when it comes to them their answer would be “no its ok for me to go out partying/clubbing/to the town with my friends because they are all girls! This can also be happened in vice versa. The truth is, this is the fact that both parties have to live in once they are in a relationship…
Now from the example given, lets talk about the reality…

  • As a guy, I have always encounter a conversation or a guy who thinks that they can do things that they desire but they cant accept it if the girl does it on them. I have seen a lot of this attitude among guys. I do think that it is unfair for the girls because most of them cant accept it if the table is turned. They will often come up with some negative comment over the girl if these things happened.
  • As for the girl, they always have this attitude where they think that they are so confident with themselves. Like for instant, if they go to a club with their girlfriends, they will always think that it is acceptable rather than a bunch of guys going out to club. This is because they believed that guys arent capable to do so. This positive attitude over themselves however, often overcome the truth about what they think is right and wrong
  • Guys often have this beliefs that the actions that they took are usually tolerable or acceptable for themselves. Things such as cheating/fucking around with girls are just one of the most common thing. They think that by fulfilling the desire that they have to another women without the knowledge of their partner is an acceptable thing because their mindset is that guys are different than women. Some of them also believe that once a guy would never lost it’s dignity if something happened to them but girls will be degraded down to earth if something happened to them.
  • And as for the girls, besides being confident with themselves they also forgetting that they tend to have this specific demand on having things in their own way. Some of them might not think that they are the demanding type of person but once they are in that situation, they will be super demanding that they might have forgotten about where to put their feet on. This problem often encountered when it comes to economy related business. Since it is well known that the wifes are the financial planner of a family, we can see how the evolution starts.
  • Although that there are more pros and cons over the attitude of each gender, I wouldnt fit the whole blog page if everything is stated here. So kids, post a comment and lets spice up this topic. Just remember not to be bias in any circumstances as I am not a sexist and I hate a sexist. Thats all for today kids. Take part in the activity and have a nice day!