Branding – Why is it important?

Google, Facebook, YouTube, Adidas, Nike, McDonalds – When I even mention about these names, you already have the picture in your mind. How? Trust me, if Google was not a brand, you would be laughing your way at the name. What about Facebook? It doesnt even mean anything. But what makes people remember them? The BRAND!

There are several core elements that drive the branding force in creating a super brand. However, combining all and coming out with something is still susceptible. Missing out any of them will make the brand weak.

Color can definitely play a big role in branding. There have been researches conducted to understand the effect of color on a brand. One of the most famous example I have is for food outlets. Just like McDonalds as they use RED for the branding. It is researched that red color will eventually make a person feel hungry when there is such exposure. I was initially amused when I read about it sometime about 2 years ago. But that did not end it all. I tried to see the effect. Apparently, it really does work! One day, I was walking by in a complex for window shopping. I saw the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) emblem not far from where I was standing, and it really kicked my stomach. A random thought of “It would be nice to have KFC for lunch” came in my mind and I ended up at their restaurant. Though initially I wasnt hungry, I ended up eating the Snack plate easily! However, red may not be necessary for your brand. If you know how to manipulate and contrast the colors, you can make a nice brand for yourself. What is important, the colors must then be used everywhere you place your brand. Ask a kid about brands that use red color. I bet they will say either “Coca-Cola” or “McDonalds”.

Emblem / Logo
Emblem is what creates the “impression” of the brand. While it is not necessary to use something directly related to your brand, it must be something that others don’t use – which describes UNIQUE. Take Alienware as an example. Their logo is the head of an alien. It does not have anything to do with their products. But the power of its brand is, when geek see the glowing Alien head anywhere, they will immediately know that it is the Alienware’s brand. Emblem can be very powerful too. Just like Alienware, you dont have to tell your company name. Just show the emblem, and they will know what company it stands for. Its how it manipulates the impression of the company.

Another core component is the NAME of the brand. There is no brand with no name. How do you select a name of the brand? This can be rather challenging. First, look at your product. Then start thinking out of the box. Often, companies pay hundreds of thousands of money just to get a nice name for the brand they make. Because if your brand holds a nice name, it will be remembered forever. One trick to do this is to name your brand with something that is easy to spell and pronounce. Brands like Sony, Apple, Google and Norton are spelled “as is” and sweet to pronounce. Which explains why they are very well-known successful brands. There are brands which people will tend to forget overtime due to their spellings. I wouldn’t specify any here as it would just degrade the brand.

These are the CORE components of branding of course. There are other aspects that boost up branding but combining these three, you can come out with a powerful enough brand for your company. If you need ideas, I might be able to give some on a designer’s perspective. ;)


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