Hello boys and girls…
Have any of you heard of the term global warming before? Yes… Repeat after me… Glo-bal warm-ing…. Yes.. Correct. Now let me tell you more about global warming.

Now kids, global warming is not a good thing. It is a bad thing! So stay away from it. It can destroy the world you live in right now. Yes boys and girls! Destroy us. The world becomes warmer and warmer because of the emittion of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide will make the ozone layer thicker thus the sunlight will be trapped inside of the atmosphere. Once everything becomes hotter you know what will happen right kids? Things will start to burst like popcorns :-)

So kids… there are couple of ways for you to save the world and start becoming a super hero like me! First, switch of the plugs when it is not in used. Trust me, it works. Secondly, for those who use airconds when they go to bed, try and raise up only 2 celcius on your airconds. Third, always remember this. Try and take the habit of walking and taking the train because cars are on of the biggest contributor to carbon monoxide emittion. Forth, eat more veges! Meat will only enhance the emition of carbon dioxide once the cows are dead.

Trust me, these are just four simple steps on how you can save the world. For more info, you can log on to www.stopglobalwarming.org and be apart of the comunity. You can make a difference by doing those small things. Our future lies in you hand.