I have to be honest, I never was a photographer in my younger days. I did own a normal Kodak point-and-shoot camera that was not much of a boastful camera too. I did get to play with my dad’s Chinon SLR camera sometime back which eventually spoiled. After that, mobile photography has pretty much taken place ever since I had the Nokia 3650 which had a VGA camera, followed by a 2.0MPx Nokia N70, then 5.0MPx Nokia N95, 5.0MPx HTC hero, and finally 5.0MPx Google Nexus One. You can see that I have never taken photography seriously form this trend. Lol.

However, its not that I didn’t like photography. In fact, being in the creative business, when I had to hunt for a stock photography, I would end up browsing iStockphoto for hours just admiring the superb stuff people have captured in their lenses. Not to forget, my friends back in the university who already picked up photography back then and possessed stunning portfolios that wowed me.

So, I thought its time to pick up photography and adventure my journey from the eye of the lens. My dad fulfilled my wishlist by buying me a DSLR for my birthday. Now, I’m the kind who really does his homework before making purchases and strive for the bang-for-the-buck as much as it is possible. After reading and asking everywhere, I finally decided to go with a Canon DSLR. I had suggestions for Olympus, Pentax and Nikon too, but I settled with Canon in the end primarily because 95% of my friends who own a DSLR have a Canon in possession. This will make it easier for me to share my accessories with them and vice versa.

I had eyed for the Canon 7D, but that was way too expensive for a new beginning. Lets not talk about the Canon 5D Mark II at all. I’m picking this as a hobby and my photography will be driven more towards portraits, macros and landscapes. So my target was the Canon EOS 550D. That was until Canon recently released their 6D. After reading about the specs, I found out that the 60D was just the perfect fit. It has specs very close to that of the 7D, and price very close to the 550D. That was it! I made my pick and got this wonderful gadget.

I’m not a professional so I don’t qualify to write a review. Maybe the best way would be to let my photos do the talking. I have started a new page which loads my flickr gallery and display the pics that I have taken and Photoshopped. Wish me luck on my photography journey.