Car GT web design

Well, I develop websites on internet. I have a team of developers who are among the best creative minds specially selected. Names like Ali, Kadir and Andreas are very likely to appear a lot in my future blog posts. We have built lots of web designs before. I’m not sure if I will be posting the previous ones, but I will post the excellent ones here.

My company is The Lime Design. I love perfection and that explains why my developers are near perfect :) This one was designed by Ali. Really a masterpiece. Kadir also made a vehicle driven website recently, but I can’t find it at the moment. I will have to ask him again later so I can post it up here. As you can see, this is not the average website that you see on the internet. They are built with impression 100% in mind :) Yes, they look beautiful, but they really are a bitch to code. Trust me ;) Nevertheless, worth the effort – always!

  1. cleave
    #1 written by cleave  (9 years ago)

    Holy flippin’ heck! That’s one awesome site. Wonder how the HTML slicing process would be like for a design like that.

  2. ShahZ
    #2 written by ShahZ  (9 years ago)

    Haha..Thanks cleave..Yeah, the slicing and coding is really tough..It makes a great flash template rather than static I would say..

  3. johnpref
    #3 written by johnpref  (10 months ago)

    thanks for sharing the amazing Car GT web design

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