It is said that if PSP gamers would ever have a religion, that would be customized firmwares and their god will be Dark_Alex! Yes peeps! DA is back! He has come with a heavy loaded nuclear weapon that will shake the PSP world! It’s called the “Despertar Cementerio PSP Fat and Slim”. What’s it all about? Read on..
If you ever mention custom OE (open edition) firmwares, DA is the name underlying the skyline of the essential firmware. The mastermind behind unbricking has rocked the community of PSP scene and done a hell of a job!
Despertar Cementerio PSP Fat and Slim is a new universal unbricker for both the Fat and Slim models of Sony’s PlayStation portable handheld gaming console. So it doesnt matter if your having the traditional fat PSP or the new slim edition, this thing is for you.
This unbricker will bring your PSP back to 3.71. You’ll also need the following Sony firmwares to run it: 1.50, 3.40 and 3.71. DarK Alex also notes that those who want to unbrick their PSPs should only use dumps of their own PSPs. Using a dump from another PSP will lead to further bricking or idstorage corruption.
To those who cant wait to downgrade their PSPs, get your PSPs rocking by clicking here.