Proposed design of Penang's second bridge
Hello again boys and girls…
Today I would like to talk a little bit about the news that I heard today about our beloved country. It was said that Malaysia has obtained the biggest amount of loan from China for building the second Penang bridge. I mean come on mat!! (A malay version of mate) In another word, Malaysia owe the Chinese in China RM2.7 billion / USD800 million!!!

I mean here is what I think. I think that we dont need a fucking second bridge! Let me enlight you with some information. The last bridge that we built was the second link. And that second link was completed in 1998 to connect Johor Baru and Singapore togeter. That bridge costed us (I mean Malaysian tax payer’s money) US$250 million and its only 2km long. Not only that they have used our money on that, they charge us some more with the toll! RM9 percar! I mean come on!

For this second bridge to Penang, it is told that it is 23km long and like how I meantioned earlier it is US$800 million. Anyways, I really think that the government should think of another alternative and that is building a light rail system like in KL. By doing that, the government not only solve the commute problem in Penang, they will atleast reduce the amount of CO2 that is produced that can lead to global warming. Im not sure how much it actually cost to build those railway system but I bet that it is not more that how much it cost to build that damn bridge. Since that the bridge is going to be completed in 2011, I wonder how much the toll fees will be?

So boys and girls,
Im not trying to say that our/my government is bad. Im just trying to inform you more on what they are doing. Sometimes they do good things and sometimes they dont. And this is not one of the good thing. They should think twice about the bridge. Go for the alternative. Break the addiction! Save the enviroment mat! Thank you…