online torrent downloader
Thinking of torrents, it’s fair enough to say that almost everyone who uses the internet, uses the torrent – or should we say need to use the torrent. It has become even more famous than P2P downloading. Nearly ANYTHING literally can be found on torrent sites and it has become an essesntial tool in our internet habits. To download torrent files, a client is required. Among the famous ones are uTorrent, Azureus, BiTorrent, BitCommet and in some browsers, torrents can be downloaded internally e.g: Opera browser. You’re too lazy to download the client, or you are using a locked-down machine which doesnt allow you to download applications, but you have a torrent to be downloaded. What do you do? – exactly! It’s a Java Applet based application website which allows you to download a torrent from within your website! Now how cool could that be? Java is installed on many machines by the administrators, but if you dont have it installed on your machine, you can easily download it from their website. Just make sure to download it from Java’s own website.
Once you have everything prepared (your browser with Java that is), you’re all set to download your torrents. Just copy the torrent link from the site you obtained the link from, and paste it in Bitlet’s website. After clicking “Download Torrent”, your download will begin automatically (make sure you have allowed pop-ups) in a new window. The rest is patience as you watch your torrent being downloaded from the website.
So dont give headache to yourself if you don’t understand torrent clients, port forwards, etc. Just use and make yourself happy with your torrent files. Till the next post. Bye~