Hi there guys..
Im posting this for those Malaysians running streamyx and complaining about the internet connection..Dont blame TMNet for no connection when it is YOU who cant troubleshoot your connection..Believe me, im thankful to streamyx for providing broadband coz when I was abroad in a country where DSL is a luxury, I was crying for Streamyx back at home :D I never had much problems with streamyx connection unless if my telephone line gets screwed up..So lets begin here..I’m going to provide a complete troubleshoot guide for the Streamyx users who always get the pain in the ass setting up the connection..
Step 1: Troubleshooting the DSL
First of all, the most basic thing you need to know about is understanding the DSL availability..This is the simplest and the first thing that should come in your mind when troubleshooting internet connection..Check this on your modem..There should be an LED indicating “DSL” or “Link” or “Internet” or “Network” depending on the modem type you’re using..Check out the following image..
The internet link LED may also be displayed as DSL or LINK or somthing else
For this LED, there are three indications:

  • LED is OFF – this means that your DSL service is not available at all. This might be the case when you didnt pay your internet bill or Telekom is having downtime upgrading the server. In some cases, check your telephone if it’s working and try plugging it in the same slot where your ADSL socket is plugged-in. Just to be sure that the problem is not with the phone line.
  • LED is BLINKING – this means that your DSL service is available but is not reaching your host yet. Usually this happens during the first few days of subscription with streamyx and resolves within one day to one week.
  • LED is ON – this means that your DSL service is available and reaching your host. You shouldn’t troubleshoot on the phone line side. If this is the case, move on to the next troubleshooting steps.

Step 2: Troubleshooting the modem and connection
Now that your DSL is working fine, lets move on into troubleshooting the modem/router..Above everything, streamyx users must remember that their username has to be written in a specific method. Let’s say that your username is “techie”, so in the dialing point, your username will have to be written as “techie@streamyx”..That’s all..without .com or .my or whatsoever..Password has to be written as it is (duh~)..Some of the router/modems come with built-in dialing systems which reside in their ROMs and you have to setup the settings in your modem/router. Usually, most of the routers can be accessed by visiting but the address may vary. Refer to your modem manual to get the address..Try connecting now..Still cant? Lets move on..
Step 3: Streamyx IP, DNS, and other settings
This might be the part which you are facing problem if the above works fine for you..Let’s begin with the LAN config. Click Start -> Control Panel -> Network Connections.. Here you will see the network devices installed on your computer. Right click on your active Local Area Network Connection, select properties. You will see the following screen..
LAN properties page
Select the Network Protocol (TCP/IP) and click properties..
LAN properties page
Here is what you should do..Set both of them to automatic and test if your network works properly. Streamyx comes with a dynamic IP so you have to set your IP to automatic. However, in some settings, streamyx needs the accurate DNS so set the DNS to manual and fill in the DNS numbers as stated at the end of this post..If you are using the auto-dialing feature in the router, your DNS settings in LAN properties of your computer MUST be set to automatic and it’s the settings in the ROUTER that you have to change to manual and use the DNS stated below..

Here is the important information that you need for your LAN/router settings in order to connect to streamyx..

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

For router auto-dialing system, here is the information you need to consider:
MTU size: 1492 bytes
VPI: 0
VCI: 35

So that should help you guys to get rid of connection problems in future..I hope this post helped those who are having problems with their network..As for the others, I hope this information was useful for you..Any of your friend faces the same problem, you know what to do now before you go ringing up streamyx :) Cheers!