A little bit of updates..Well, finally internet is working now..I’ll keep my blog updated now and then..My internet connection is finally back too..Made me wait for 5 weeks, but I have to say, Telekom did a great job today..In a day, they fixed my line and got myself running on streamyx once again..So, cheers for Telekom..dah..dah..jangan lebey2..dont forget the 5 weeks.. I’ll be getting a new hosting soon..A fast server and new blog..I’ll probably just shift my database and files from this host to the new one..Or I’ll just start from base again – which I hate! but i’ll try to include more images there

So, today’s post is directed to those who have always wanted to be a pilot! Yeah! Get rid of those wheels and fly! Today I recieved a good news from MAS airlines. I passed my psychometric test (MISPA)..New comers definitely dont understand what Im babbling about..I shall explain it later..

So, back to the story..MISPA..I passed it..It was a long wait but well, at least I made it..I am expecting some of the pilots-to-be to come and read this soon..lol..It was a wonderful feeling..and bla bla bla..

OK, the part that those pilots have been waiting for..How do you actually become a pilot and what do you have to do at the first place? It’s actually simple but dont take it too light though..Your biggest (and worst) concern will be TIME..In order to become a pilot, (for MAS lah..) you have to undergo a series of tests – and believe me, it’s not easy at all! I will explain each and everything in enough details..

Application of the post
As the title suggests, like any other post in this world, mestila kene apply dulu..aduh..durian takkan jatuh kalau tak di..ermm..ntah..anyway..This is what you should do for this..
What: Look up for advertisments on MAS recruitment
Where:Newspapers, or their website, or ask them personally, atau yang sewaktu dengannya
Why:coz u want to be a pilot..that’s why!
How:Usually, send in pictures, resume, endorsed copies of results..
So, you applied to it already..Now what?No, dont sit back and wait..DO something! Like get a temporary job or something..or if you’re pursuing your studies, proceed with them..because if you think you’ll be sitting at your home waiting for the results to arrive in at most 3 months, you’re absolutely wrong! This process takes ONE whole year to complete..No, there is no typo there..It is ONE YEAR! I dont know what makes them take so long to process this..maybe they want you to forget your application, then after a year give you a surprise kot..haha..coz that’s exactly what happened to me

Psychomotor test
One fine day, in a usual global warming weather, you check your postbox and find a letter with MAS logo in front, having your name printed in the TO field..You jump 13 feet high and break your buku lali just to find out they have invited you for the Psychomotor test..So you’re partially in the system..It takes you three minutes to even pronounce the word, but at the tip of your heart, you’re happy~ So that’s it..What is psychomotor? you start to wonder and end up being most probably at flydamnit forums..You can get yourself prepared but psychomotor is totally in you..Psychomotor test is basically a test for them to see how naturally or closely you are to being a pilot..They give you a joystick, a small keyboard which looks pretty retarded, and good ol headphones to play some video games..I have made a very brief description of how psychomotor test looks like in Flydamnit’s forum, so you guys can check it out there..Remember, if you’re not 165cm, it’s not worth at all then..coz it’s good to dump the idea earlier before knowing it that you just failed becoming a pilot in the last stage because of your height..They’ll mention this in the letter Once you have passed this stage, you proceed to the next one..yay!

Psychometric test
No..check it again..They dont spell the same..Previously they tested you on your motor responses, now it’s time to test whether you’re just an ol’ gamer with skills or you have the brains too.. The word “metric” prety much tells us enough..It’s a table test..They give you some english passages, some statistics to play with and logics to tease your brain..You’ll do just fine in these three..Time will definitely not be enough..dont tembak..let it be as much as u have answered..The last one which will be a 100 question personality quiz will bother you much..Yes, it is the easiest..all answers are correct..but you have to be very honest in answering the questions..just remember my fact..be honest in answering..You wont regret it

So you recieve a call after about 3 months later saying that you passed your psychometric (MISPA) test..Now it gets even tougher..I am at this stage now..They’ll call me up for interview..Once again, Flydamnit is a good source for you to get prepared for the interview..They bombard you with some questions..You have to be very relaxed, keep up your smile and answer patiently..Read the thread at flydamnit for more info..It’s a well-made thread

Medical Test
This is a fearsome part for me..I always blamed myself for having weak eyesights..Im just afraid my eyes will become the barrier between me and the pilot..If you fail at this stage, it’s recommended that you slap your bestfriend 4 times in the head and 3 times in the back..coz..this is the last stage..after everything, all down the drain..but according to some pilots, it’s rarely the case that people fail at this stage..most of them kena teruk at the second stage (psychometric)..but oh well, life goes on..

So I hope I have given you a rough idea of what you’re going to face before becoming a pilot..If you have any questions or suggestions, leave a comment at the end of this article..and we’ll talk.. So, I guess that’s for this time now..Dont forget to subscribe to my blog k..You can see it on the left on how to subscribe..Click the counter to get yourself subscribed..Cheers..have a nice day..and god bless you