No Froyo for Garmin Asus A10

Many have been waiting, plenty have given up. This is what has happened in the Garmin-Asus community at the moment. As the frustration heats, I have some sad news to share. We might not get Froyo for the A10 at all.

I got a verbal word from one of my informers that the Froyo upgrade project has been discontinued. Although this is still vaguely proven rumor, I think its best to let loose our hopes and settle for Eclair – which in my opinion is not bad either.

When the A10 was initially released, it was announced with the Cupcake (Android 1.6) for the countries that received it. Then, our asian countries got the Eclair (Android 2.1) version. So I think, for the device to have a leap from 1.6 to 2.1 was already good enough.

You will not want to know how painful our wait was when I was using HTC Hero that was running on Donut (Android 1.5) and we were promised an upgrade to Android 1.6, which was new at that time. We did not get it. Then we were promised Android 2.1, and heavens know how long it took to get the update. By then, most Hero users were rooted and running custom firmwares – which later made the hacking scene even more famous.

So I think having the Eclair is good enough. I will not whine really and I suggest the others to put an end to this wait too. We might just wait for a custom ROM that runs on Froyo maybe.


  1. man
    #1 written by man  (8 years ago)

    if is possible extract the rom from A10 is possible a customization of the android 2.1 the problem is the recovery mode.
    so i think that the real differences between froyo and eclair is minimal… froyo on optimus one do it very slow, eclair on a10 do it to much fast

    • Shahz
      #2 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

      Exactly..and for that, we need fastboot which Garmin-Asus has not allowed yet :(

  2. Airis
    #3 written by Airis  (8 years ago)

    In my opinion if Garmin Asus update this phone, probably the finals user could take this for a long time and also update and pay the maps regularly, otherwise no Android update ? No maps update and no money for Garmin

    • Shahz
      #4 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

      But the problem is, the partnership has split and Garmin wouldn’t want to reveal their source codes to Asus too – which is required when compiling a new OS for the phone..

  3. Martin
    #5 written by Martin  (8 years ago)

    With Android 2.1, it’s impossible to switch input languages. I was expecting 2.2 for this reason. In more than 3 years, they haven’t yet figured out that some people write different messages in different languages. They’ve assumed that everyone, like them, know only English. (In fact, without adding an extra app, Android would not even be able to manage my local keyboard layout.)

    Is there any chance that this ever gets solved by an app?

    • Shahz
      #6 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

      Have you tried a third party keyboard? I suggest giving TouchPal a shot..

  4. arif
    #7 written by arif  (8 years ago)

    since we wont get froyo update, can we still get flash support for the browser?one of the reasons i really wanted the update was for the flash support…other than that i dont really care

    • Shahz
      #8 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

      Have you tried the SkyFire browser?

  5. arif
    #9 written by arif  (8 years ago)

    yup but it doesnt look cool because the video pops up instead of play straight from the browser. furthermore skyfire is very slow compared to google browser

    • Shahz
      #10 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

      Well, if we can collect a team of hackers who can help in the development, we might be able to compile our custom ROM..

  6. arif
    #11 written by arif  (8 years ago)

    that sounds feasible but garmin might have compatibility issues…i believe thats one of the reasons GA didnt give us the update–to ensure stability of the garmin navigation

    • Shahz
      #12 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

      I’m in talks with the ASUS guys and seeking fastboot access..I’m not really a hacker, so if I get the access without force, then we might even get Gingerbread probably..

      • Nagz
        #13 written by Nagz  (8 years ago)

        This sounds even better. Good luck shahz.

  7. arif
    #14 written by arif  (8 years ago)

    Huh?gingerbread on GA a10!?can it cope witj just 600mhz?but if it were 2 happen 4 b jumping in joy..more reasons to hold on to dis fon abit longer..btw is it possible to install apps2sd on dis fon?can u explain how?thanks

    • Shahz
      #15 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

      Well, don’t keep your hopes too high..We need our beloved fastboot first :) A2SD? Why do you need it when you have 4GB of internal memory? A2SD is not really recommended. It kills the SD card with excess read/write :)

  8. arif
    #16 written by arif  (8 years ago)

    Haha then u have all da support frm us..all da best..if u got it pls do inform us..really?i read in an article how to improve perf–install apps in sd as itll free internal a result faster perf..just based on my understanding

    • Shahz
      #17 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

      That would apply if you are using a device like Samsung Galaxy S due to its poor filesystem..From what I see, Garmin Asus has a very good fs and I really don’t see a need of running things from SD card..Which apparently is much slower too..

  9. arif
    #18 written by arif  (8 years ago)

    aaaa ic….in that case ill just use the sd card that i just bought to store my songs pics n videos then. btw do u know how to make full backup n full restore bcoz this morning i updated the firmware and i backedup using pc sync, all my apps gone missing already after i restored.had to re-install one by u have any suggestion?thanks

    • Shahz
      #19 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

      Have you tried Titanium Backup? You need root for it though :)

  10. arif
    #20 written by arif  (8 years ago)

    Shahz my man..any luck on the fastboot?

  11. Jackpot
    #22 written by Jackpot  (8 years ago)

    I understand that Garmin-Asus cannot keep updating the phone since they have split.


    How do I get flash to work on my A10 or A50 (I have them both) it is the only thing I am missing in this great navigation device/phone.

    I have tried Skyfire, installed flash from my sdcard, nothing seems to work.

    Regards from Denmark

    • Shahz
      #23 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

      That’s one thing we’re badly lacking currently for not having Froyo. The only way currently is to use a custom ROM instead..

      • Sanzo
        #24 written by Sanzo  (8 years ago)

        Are there custom roms for the phone? I wouldn’t mind rooting if I could get Froyo on it :)

  12. chris
    #26 written by chris  (8 years ago)

    at last some clear info on 2.2 , not that l understand the tech talk….just that l wanted to use my Garmin A10 as a hot spot for my laptop wifi…voda ph guy said, u need 2.2 and showed me his i ph menu with some wifi app’ from 2.2 .
    So , any suggestions guys ??
    the ph from NZ and open, Now living in Sydney using voda ph . au……. prepay

    one more quest’ tried to connect to lapT, says enter 1234… did and it flashed 6 or7 didgit # , but gone before l can record it,, so now lapT rejects sync !!
    Where to find ph ID # ??
    cheers chris…………………

  13. RoadWarrior
    #27 written by RoadWarrior  (8 years ago)

    First i like to say what a great GPSPhone ;)

    To chris. You can download PDANET from the android maket and use that to connect your A10/A50 wireless to your laptop thru Bluetooth (I’m using it wireless right now as i type this), but it’s not a wi-fi hotspot, instead your using the GPSPhones bluetooth as a dial up modem.

    Step 1: Download PDANET Readme/Helper from market.

    Step 2: Start PDANET Readme/Helper on your GPSPhone and choose your laptop system (eg. 32Bit, 64Bit or Mac… When your do this, the GPSPhone downloads the software your laptop needs into your download folder on the GPSphone.

    Step 3. Connect your GPSPhone to the laptop, with the usb cable and choose filesharing on the popup menu.
    Find and open the download folder on the GPSPhone and the PdaNetA300x32, 64 or Mac and it will install the software on to your laptop.

  14. RoadWarrior
    #28 written by RoadWarrior  (8 years ago)

    Step 4. Open the wireless connection menu on the GPSPhone and choose bluetooth. Turn it on and make the it serach able.

    step 5. Do the same on your laptop and connect the two units.

    Step 6. Start PDANET (Not PDANET Readme/HELPER)
    on the GPSPhone and do the same on the laptop.

  15. RoadWarrior
    #29 written by RoadWarrior  (8 years ago)

    Final step. Right click the PDANET trayicon and select Connect Internet.

    Voila ! :-) You are now using your A10/A50 wireless with the laptop.

  16. RoadWarrior
    #30 written by RoadWarrior  (8 years ago)

    Happy wireless googling on your laptop while your GPSPhone lies 10feet away from you.

    Regards RoadWarrrior from Denmark ;-)

  17. sayak
    #31 written by sayak  (7 years ago)

    Hi Shahz,

    Just want to know if i can root Garmin Asus A10 successfully. would i be able to upgrade it to Android .2.3?

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