Search for “cmd” then right click the icon and press this button.

One of the biggest nuisance that I always experience is the Windows command prompt maximizes only to fill half of the screen rather than full. The last time I was able to use command prompt in full screen was back in the windows XP days. Technically, this is directly related to the graphics driver as you can import the graphics driver to your Windows 7 or Windows 8 and be able to run it in full screen. But on windows 7, you will lose the Aero feature by doing this. The thing is, when you run Android’s ADB command in these half sized command prompt, they look ugly.

There is a workaround which is fairly simple if you want to try. What you need to do is, right-click the command prompt, and choose “Run as Administrator”. Once the command prompt launches, type in wmic and hit enter. Now try hitting the full screen icon. It will fill your entire display. Your prompt will display¬†wmic:root\cli> which you can exit by typing¬†exit. Now this will work until you restart your computer. Once you restart, this will have to be repeated. But hey, using ADB in this mode is awesome! Have fun!