Garmin Asus A10 detailed review

If you are not the usual road ranger and find it hard to cruise around the city, getting confused with the roads and buildings, you would definitely find a GPS very handy – if you do not already own one that is. If GPS is something common to you, then I dare to bet my slavery that you have definitely heard the name of one of the pioneers in this industry – Garmin.

Now the immense fact here is that GPS is becoming wider in terms of adaptability, but smaller in terms of packaging. Its simple – people need convenience at their fingertips. Oops, did I mention fingertips? What if you could have a Garmin GPS in your mobile phone? Doesn’t convince you enough? What if I told you, this Garmin device can even take 5.0 Megapixel memories of the location you are touring, geo-tag those images, and allow you to even share those memories with your social network? Need more? What if it also throws in a massive list of applications and games for you to choose from – on the go, carries your music, videos and documents along, features an internet browser, synchronize your work and personal e-mails and still endure it all within a 110 x 58 x 13.9 mm body and weight only 130g with the battery? Did I mention that it also bears only a small price tag for its big adventures?

The Garmin-Asus A10 is exactly the device that does all of those. Combining the worlds best GPS application with one of the worlds most rapidly growing mobile platform – Android, the Garmin-Asus A10 is definitely a dream device to be possessed. Yes, it’s the same Asus company that have been creating a multi-farious-fund list of tech devices for our daily uses ranging from computer systems to multimedia and network hardware. Along with Garmin, Asus has taken the plunge into the world of smartphones and the Garmin-Asus A10 is their first ever Android adventure together.

This review is based on my personal hands-on experience and it shall serve as an unbiased judgment for those who are keen to own the device. Take note that I am an Android user and have been blazing on this operating system for more than a year now.


Garmin GPS does not need any introduction. This phone is preloaded with the latest version of Garmin’s professional 1460 car navigation software. The Lane Guidance and junction view is impressively intuitive. From the initiation of the GPS, it took only 33 seconds to connect to the satellites, all set for navigation! As the Garmin application was loaded, I was presented with the very usual Garmin interface showing speed limit, estimated arrival time, and other informational details useful along the journey. I started my testing from Pelita Curry House in SS2 Petaling Jaya, and keyed in my destination – Kampar – which was more than 150km distance. Surprisingly, the Garmin took only 7 seconds to calculate the whole route. As I drove, the voice navigation seamlessly guided me through my route excellently. In this testing, no SIM was inserted and I was not connected to the internet. The whole navigation was fully guided by the Garmin application interacting with GPS satellites only. The phone comes with a specially designed car dock. This car dock has a feature that captured my immediate attention – It remembers your car location and saves it in the phone! This can be very handy when you park your car in an unfamiliar location. The Garmin application also includes a built-in turn-by-turn pedestrian navigation and it vibrates to alert you at every turn. The directions are clear, the interface is neat and the accuracy is precise. I have to say, although I was very happy with Google Navigation on my rooted Nexus One (which apparently is ALSO included in the A10), the Garmin experience is just indefinable. Salutes to Garmin and Asus to bring this to Android.

Android experience

The Garmin-Asus A10 comes with Android 2.1 (Éclair) and based on my sources, I was told that the phone will get a Froyo update in the future. However, this is still unconfirmed for now. When I switched on the phone for the first time, I was presented with a rather unusual home screen. After some fiddling, I found out that it actually features two unique interfaces for personalization. The classic home screen integrates navigation and cell phone features, providing quick access to the A10’s key features. The Breeze home interface is the Android’s usual widget-supported interface. You can personalize eight different desktops to customize your A10. As usual, if the default widgets are not enough for you, you can always visit the built-in Android market to get more widgets for your homescreen. The possibilities? Endless!

Bearing a 600MHz Qualcomm 7227 CPU, the performance was very impressive. It is the same processor you would find in the HTC Legend. After customizing the phone with widgets and installing about 35 applications and games, the phone was still steadily unlaggy. It has a 4GB built-in eMMC Flash memory, 512MB SDRAM and 512MB ROM. It also has Micro-SD expansion slot, supports sSDHC up to 32GB. The browser was slightly clunky at loading heavily-graphic website, but overall the speed was fabulous.


Sadly, the A10 does not pack the AMOLED display. It comes with a 3.2” HVGA TFT with 65K colors compatibility compared to HTC Legend’s 3.2” AMOLED with 16MB colors. However, this is still essentially good for the A10 since the TFT will consume lesser battery, saving more juice for your navigation experience. It does include capacitive touch screen with multi-touch support.


So far, Android devices have been including at least 5MPx camera for their mid-range smartphones. The A10 also comes with a 5MPX camera with auto-focus. It also records videos in MPEG-4/H.263 format at 30fps in QVGA. It plays MPEG-4/H.264/H.263/WMV at 30fps in VGA.


Networks supported on the phone include GSM 850/900/1800/1900, GPRS, EDGE and UMTS 900/2100. HSDPA supports downloading speeds up to 7.2Mbps and uploading speeds up to 384Kbps. It has WLAN 802.11b/g support too. The Bluetooth is v2.0 and includes EDR as well. I tested the Bluetooth connectivity across three platforms – MacOSX (my macbook), Android (Nexus One) and Blackberry Bold. File transfers are functioning at its optimal speed. The best part in connectivity is, the phone includes internet sharing out-of-the-box. I managed to go online on my macbook tethered to the A10 successfully (and very easily too). Once you plug in the USB cable, you are presented with three options;

1. Garmin-Asus PC Sync.
2. File Transfer
3. Internet Sharing

The third option gets you online right away without much hassle at all. Works without any special settings.

The Verdict?

If you are looking to explore Android, this phone is really an excellent start to begin with. In fact, if you already own a low-end Android, this mid-range Android powered phone is definitely worth an upgrade. I got really impressed with the Garmin’s navigation. For the price that its tagged, this baby is a steal! The monoblock body is very sexy. The chromium coating around the sides of the phone really gives the phone a sex appeal. The front panel is a glossy plastic finish which is flat without any hardware buttons giving it its own personality. The rear cover is somewhat similar to the material used on the back cover of the Nexus One. I am guessing it is a hardened Teflon material and it feels very comfortable in the palms. Nothing bulky, not too small.

Nothing is perfect

I know. This is the part that you guys have been waiting for. There is no perfect phone and it’s a fact. As much as I loved the A10, I wasn’t enough impressed with the TFT technology. Under extreme light conditions, the display goes invisible. Apart from that, there are only three soft key buttons. This may not seem like a disadvantage to most Android users, but I am getting too used to the Nexus One’s trackball, that I’m finding it tougher to live without. There is no hardware scroller in the A10. You have to rely on the touch screen permanently. Also, the bootloader does not use fastboot technology. You guys know how cool fastboot just is.

By the way, Garmin Asus A10 is rooted :)

If you have ANY questions or queries, feel free to ask me here and I will answer them accordingly.

  1. lanujang
    #1 written by lanujang  (8 years ago)

    thanks for the review bro. am still playing with my new toy. drove to Ktn with it over the weekend. it’s a match made in heaven… :p

  2. ShahZ
    #2 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)

    Yeah man..Garmin is the real deal after all :)

  3. ShahZ
    #3 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)

    Guys, official unboxing of the A10 coming up soon :)

  4. CS Chua
    #4 written by CS Chua  (8 years ago)

    Less than a week of the launch in Taiwan the CTO of Garmin indicated that within 6 months they will reassess Garmin continued presence in the phone market. It wasn’t a positive note.

    This may be the last of Garmin phones. Rather unfortunate and unlikely there will be an Android 2.2 version for this phone.

    Unless Asus buy over the Garmin Phone business with Garmin navigation and continue supporting together with drastic changes to the business model of charging for maps Garmin automotive navigation will be a thing of the past.

    The 3.2 screen with 640×240 pixel is just too small for effective and comfortable navigation.

    I am not looking forward Garmin Asus to line up new models supporting Android with bigger displays.

    In six months time the Android phone market will be markedly different. HTC with their push for cached Google maps for turn by turn navigation will push Garmin automotive navigation over the cliff if it remains uncommitted to the phone market.

    The reason Garmin is much sought here, is due to low value for money Telco charges and very limited 3G coverage in this region.

  5. CS Chua
    #5 written by CS Chua  (8 years ago)

    That said .. This phone GPS is as good as it get. It consistently maintains a lock on over 9 satellites with 2m accuracy in the open even at speed.

  6. ShahZ
    #6 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)

    Well, first of all, I can pretty much confirm here that this will NOT be the last Asus and Garmin collaboration. There are many more to come. In fact, I’ve already seen the next model’s prototype :)

    Secondly, we have to understand, this is Asus and Garmin’s first venture into Android (not considering their already available line-up in WinMo) and this phone is already doing wonders. Comparing it to entry level phones of HTC (HTC Magic and HTC Hero), or even the HTC Legend, this phone definitely does more and deserves more recognition.

  7. Kit Hong
    #7 written by Kit Hong  (8 years ago)

    May I know if we can freely update the Garmin map from the one downloaded from malfreemaps (not the papago map but garmin map)?

  8. ShahZ
    #8 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)

    I’ll confirm this with you after trying it out. Which map would you like me to test out? :)

  9. ShahZ
    #10 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)

    Okay bro,
    Downloading it now, will let you know the whereabouts here :)

  10. ShahZ
    #11 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)

    Kit Hong,

    Guess what? It works! haha! I’ll be posting up a tutorial soon on how to do that ;)

    • Kit Hong
      #12 written by Kit Hong  (8 years ago)

      This is great! Thanks ShahZ!

    • Jonathan
      #13 written by Jonathan  (8 years ago)

      Hi, would appreciate if you can post the tutorial on how to upload malfreemaps image file to Garmin Asus A10

      • Shahz
        #14 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

        Sure. That will be the next tutorial I will post :) It has been requested several times already.

        • KOAY
          #15 written by KOAY  (8 years ago)

          Hi Shahz,

          I am unable to update Garmin map via Garmin’s website due to a plugin unable to install directly into A10. May i have the detail steps how do you update the Garmin Map?

  11. ShahZ
    #20 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)

    Thanks Kit Hong :D

  12. Mahesh Balakrishnan
    #21 written by Mahesh Balakrishnan  (8 years ago)

    I bought this phone before reading your review and it is real good,only drawback which i realised in this phone is the camera application hangs quite often and the battery drainage-i do not seem to last even 6 hours without the battery on emergency
    Is there any way the haptic key can be disabled for all functions?

  13. ShahZ
    #22 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)

    Hello Mahesh,
    Are you sure the camera application hangs? I have been using it for pretty long period of time, and had no camera hangs ever yet..It could be your SD card too..As far as battery is concerned, mine is clocking 26 hours with wifi switched on 24 hours..

    To disable haptic feedback, from home screen, go to settings -> sound settings. There will be option for haptic feedback there. You can switch it off there.

  14. Cedric
    #23 written by Cedric  (8 years ago)

    Hi Shahz,

    Thanks for the awesome review! I really love my A10 as a phone. But as a GPS, it hasn’t been able to bring me to where I need to go. Either the location cannot be found or the suggested route is wrong. Any ideas?

  15. ShahZ
    #24 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)

    Well, when searching for location, if the location is far, use your internet connection (it wont use much. A few Kbs only). If its near, then the search will not have problem.

  16. Sal
    #25 written by Sal  (8 years ago)

    Hey ShahZ, Thnaks for the review. I was looking to update the map to the Australian version (the one I’m looking to buy is preloaded with New Zealand map ). I was wondering if you know any way of updating the map. The map costs about 150 USD from Garmin website which I do not want to pay if there’s a cheaper solution to it.

    link to map:


  17. Shahz
    #26 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

    Hey Sal,

    You can actually get free gps maps and load them to your garmin. As long as its kept in .img format. Try this for a starter:
    If you google for “free garmin maps for australia”, you will get a decent bunch if links ;)

    If you want to know how to load the maps on the device, view my latest post. I have written a short n easy tute :)


  18. Sal
    #27 written by Sal  (8 years ago)

    Thanks for your prompt reply. I will get my A10 phone after Nov 11 (this is when my company gives me $350 allowance to buy a new phone). I will bug you if I can’t get it to work.

  19. Chai
    #28 written by Chai  (8 years ago)

    Tethering is easy via USB cable connected. But how if it could be done without cable? Any way to connect via Bluetooth or any special software? Thank you.

    • ShahZ
      #29 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)

      Have you tried the wifi tether app from the market? Thing is, wifi tether is much better supported on froyo..

      • Chai
        #30 written by Chai  (8 years ago)

        I rooted my device using the Universal Androot and then tried the Market WiFi tethering. It failed with the message “Sorry! The application Wireless Tether has stopped unexpectedly.”

      • Chai
        #31 written by Chai  (8 years ago)

        More thing, there is a message “No Access Control! Sorry, but your kernel does not have all necessary features for the Access Control feature of this application. Access Control will be disabled.”

        • ShahZ
          #32 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)

          That means, the wifi tether module is not compiled with the current kernel that you are using. A custom kernel will be needed for this. We really need some devs on Garmin-Asus hacking now.

    • Iwan
      #33 written by Iwan  (8 years ago)

      I’ve tried tethering using USB but not success yet. Do we have to do ‘dial-up’ first prior tethering ? If so, how to set-up a dial-up ?
      Thank you.

  20. Billy
    #34 written by Billy  (8 years ago)

    Hi i interested in this phone
    but do u think any possibility to update this phone to froyo in the future? or now?

  21. ShahZ
    #35 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)

    That is not confirmed..We did hear rumors that it will get Froyo upgrade, but I doubt it..Thing is, this phone was already on 1.6 donut when it released..Now its getting 2.1 Eclair already for new releases..SO whether it gets Froyo, is a gamble :)

  22. john key
    #36 written by john key  (8 years ago)

    Hi Shah ,

    y the screen suddenly ” off ” when i am driving with the navigation ? i need to push the top button and slide to unlock ….. or sometimes i need to touch the screen in order to see clearly . i think this is dangerous when i am driving …

    can u help

    • ShahZ
      #37 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)

      Hey John,

      From your home screen, press the “menu” key, select settings, go to navigation and enable “safe mode” in the settings. See if that fixes the problem. :)

  23. Billy
    #38 written by Billy  (8 years ago)

    Hi Shahz,
    Correct me if I’m wrong, I heard that some smartphones are able to tether via bluetooth and can be used by a few notebooks simultaneously.

    Can the A10 also do the same or it can only be plugged to one machine?


    • ShahZ
      #39 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)

      Yes..It can be done, but not via Bluetooth (that would be too slow) but instead over WiFi..My Nexus One has this capability :) It is a built-in feature of Froyo (Android 2.2) so if the A10 gets the Froyo upgrade, then yes it will be possible..For now, its running Eclair which means without tweaking or using custom application, it can’t be done yet..

  24. rYaN
    #40 written by rYaN  (8 years ago)

    very good review, really thinking of getting it, especially after reading your review and with the current Digi promotion. i was at Pyramid yesterday, and played with the phone a bit. quite impressed actually. just that first time using android. may need to tap on your expertise if can’t figure out how to get access to paid apps and loading maps. saw from Asus Garmin facebook page that their official answer is that they target to role out froyo in Jan 2011. But i guess it is not a certainty. If it had froyo, i would have signed up immediately yesterday. i have an ipod touch, so having wifi hotspot would be awesome. get the best of both apple and google world.

    • ShahZ
      #41 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)

      Thanks Ryan :) It really is a good phone. If you have root, getting paid apps listed is very simple. I will have that tutorial coming up soon too.

      I did hear the rumors of Froyo too, but I wouldn’t want to confirm it yet. Most of the phones who have been promised with upgrades still take long time to be get the upgrades. But if we do get Froyo in the end, trust me, you will love this phone even more :)

      I would love to, but don’t know how to express my feelings the day when my Nexus One got a Froyo upgrade. It will be just the same on A10 too.

  25. Nissie
    #42 written by Nissie  (8 years ago)

    hello there, but I stumbled to this one article saying Garmin is now split with Asus

    So how about u saying the next prototype or the phone brand is up?

    Is it confirmed we won’t seeing next Garmin Asus phone with FroYo?

    And if it’s true they’re split what do will u advise? I like the phone but should I buy?

  26. ShahZ
    #43 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)

    They just split their “partnership”. They never said that they will not be making more phones :) Now, with Garmin running independently, they will have the rights to make the application available for other devices – if they decide so. ASUS on the other hand will have rights to make devices without Garmin application at all. Thats how its resolved. Nothing is harmed.

    This also has nothing to do with ASUS not getting Froyo. Froyo is the OS version and its directly related to Google. It has nothing to do with the partnership.

    Of course, if you like the phone, its an excellent buy indeed ☺ I’ll say go for it~

    • Popo
      #44 written by Popo  (8 years ago)

      U’re right in a way. but let’s say if they are split up in partnership, i do think there will be no update for Froyo in near future. If Asus adapting new Google’s OS.. then Garmin has to update it too. But I do hope Asus is hearing out our needs on Froyo!

      The only thing i’m afraid of is the after sales service. It just like husband and wife splitting and who gonna get all the hassle??.. their kids.. which is US lol!..

      • ShahZ
        #45 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)

        Froyo pushing will be the responsibility of ASUS and not Garmin. Garmin only created the navigation tables of the ROM. 95% chances are, when they move their ROMs to Froyo, the Garmin tables will be supported too. Its something like how you can install the same APKs on Eclair and Froyo without any tweaks. :)

  27. AhYung
    #46 written by AhYung  (8 years ago)

    where can download free map for sabah ?i’m using garmin a10. how to upload it into my phone

  28. ShahZ
    #47 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)

    Try checking out my malfreemaps tutorial :) You can get the respective map for Sabah from there..

  29. AhYung
    #48 written by AhYung  (8 years ago)

    i cant find traffic icon.. where it is? how to start Real Time Traffic? how we know there are traffic jam and choose best route for us?

  30. AhYung
    #49 written by AhYung  (8 years ago)

    BTW, where can i find ur malfreemaps tutorial? sorry…..

  31. Ric
    #50 written by Ric  (8 years ago)


    Bought one today, Can’t get my contacts to load from my mac.

    manual says it is not compatible with macs for sync.

    Any suggestions for getting my contacts into the phone.

    • ShahZ
      #51 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)

      I’ll play around with this since I use a mac too. My contacts were synced to Google from my Nexus One already that’s why I didn’t have to go through the hassle of adding the contacts. Once you’re in Android and everything is synced, life becomes easy :D

      I’ll test out and update here..Maybe write a tutorial too if needed..

  32. sofian
    #52 written by sofian  (8 years ago)

    hello shah…

    i have bought this phone 3days ago price at RM1399 plus sd card 2g, screen protector and casing..but, sadly, i really want to sell this phone becuase it always hang..i have done the master reset, and put the default installation to sd card..but this phone got stuck also even i already did the master reset..

    when i browsing, or GPS in action, something weird happen..the popup (shortcut key) comes out..why?how i can overcome this??then, when the phone is get a just little vibrate, te popup also comes out (without touching any key!)…

    • admin
      #53 written by admin  (8 years ago)

      First of all, I don’t understand what do you mean by “default installation to sd card”. This feature is not supported in Android OS lower than Android 2.2 (Froyo) and as far as I know, there is no A2SD developed for Garmin-Asus yet. As for the lag issue, if you are referring to heavy games with 3D rendering, that is expected because the A10 is not a high-end Android phone. If you are experiencing issues with games with no 3D rendering, then there is something wrong.

      As for your popup issue, can you explain what appears in the popup? I recommend you do a hard reset.

  33. kelvin
    #54 written by kelvin  (8 years ago)

    hi shahz! any news on this phone can upgrade to froyo 2.2?? or perhaps gingerbread 2.3?

  34. Robert
    #55 written by Robert  (8 years ago)

    I bought the A10 in Switzerland. It is overhelming, what the device offers!
    One big Problem I coud not solve:

    I can not download APPS in the Market.
    As forinstens: Skype. I can click for download, accept lizence, then it says DOWNLAD and a horizontal Bar shohs, that something shoud happen, but this goes on and on for ours!
    I am connected with a fast W-Lan, all other web access application to work perfect.
    I do not habe a data SIM connectoin… but that should not do any harm.
    No APPS at all can be downloaded. All options for sequirty on lowes level.
    also tried with *.apk file in the SDcard, but how to start? There is no Filemanager or explorer in the android fone visable.
    Please help

    • admin
      #56 written by admin  (8 years ago)

      I suggest you try this:

      1. Go to settings -> Applications Management

      2. Look for “market” application and select it.

      3. Select “clear cache” and “clear data”

      Now try downloading something from your market. Good Luck.

  35. john key
    #57 written by john key  (8 years ago)

    Dear Bros ,

    I need to setup my push mail ( company address) and also the hotmail and yahoo mail ?

    How ar?

    Ah Q

    • shahz
      #58 written by shahz  (8 years ago)

      You will need to get the details from your company first. The setup is not really complex. Unless your company uses a private VPN gateway with no public access, like most huge company practises, the setup should be really simple..Use the “E-Mail” application from the app drawer..


  36. sean
    #59 written by sean  (8 years ago)

    Dear Shahz,
    I was wondering if i just buy this phone without subscribe to any mobile internet connection, will the GPS navigation works perfectly? If yes, will they any additional charges from using the gps service just via a normal sim card? Any difference in terms of results for the GPS navigation between the phone with mobile internet connection and the phone without any internet connection. I’m noobs in this, hope to get your professional advice soon. Thanks =)

    • shahz
      #60 written by shahz  (8 years ago)

      GPS doesn’t use internet. But with internet, the “search” is improved a lot. So finding far away places becomes much more accurate when you have internet. Otherwise, it works out of the box perfectly.

  37. Billy
    #61 written by Billy  (8 years ago)

    Hi Shahz,
    I’m relatively a newbie to the arena of smartphones and I just got the A10 last year in mid Nov and have gone through numerous “Master Clear” resets and some little irritating issues

    Can you help point me into the right direction, below are some of the problems faced :
    1. Google contacts sync-ing in all my GMail contacts, hiding away all my phone contacts. I installed another application “WhatsApp”, I managed to see all my contacts who had WhatsApp but later after awhile everything dissapeared including the contacts.

    2. Unable to configure the ring tone after the new Update2, it picks up an irritating video as the default ringtone. And worst part is that I am unable to change it even though the phone ringtone is pointed to a different ringtone

    3. How do I update the map in the phone?

    Hope you can help shed some light to the issues above. Thanx

    • merahsakti
      #62 written by merahsakti  (8 years ago)


      1. No idea. But if u sync contact using gmail contact your phone contact should be ok, once u add back ur gmail account. But u can try to do master clear and add back the account.

      2. Try, “Master Clear”. Settings > Privacy > Personal Data > Master Clear.


  38. Hong
    #63 written by Hong  (8 years ago)

    Hi, I bought my A10 6 wks ago and was so happy with it I bought my husband one too as he keeps forgetting where he parked the car! HOWEVER it does have niggling little problems like it deleted all my downloaded apps, cleared the diary I had been meticulously keeping about my father’s illness in hospital etc. Also does use up a lot of juice and I have to move about with the charger in my bag permanently despite killing apps every ten mins. Any way to change that please? Certainly doesn’t last 24 hours like you said yours does.

    As for apps downloaded free from Market, are they mostly trial versions, even the ones which DON’T say they are?

    Can I have multiple wallpapers for the different screens? If so how please? Problem is the nice screens all make the app widgets difficult to see.

    Any chance of upgrading to next Droid and how?

    Thanks for your advice.

    • Shahz
      #64 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

      Hi Hong,
      There is only one way the delete could have happened and that is by factory default. One wise step would be to root the phone and install Titanium Backup application so it creates backups of all the applications and their settings accordingly. As for the battery, killing apps does not solve the problem. Android has its own task manager and you should let it do its job by itself. Does your husband’s phone last longer? That will explain if the issue is related to the battery.

      For Malaysians, the applications are all trial versions. Some are totally free too. If you want to purchase the applications, you will once again need to root the phone and use market access to enable the paid applications list.

      As for the wallpaper, apparently, that feature has not been developed yet. In fact, I never thought about it either. Perhaps some developer could develop it someday ツ

      Upgrading. If you are referring to upgrading to the net version, not yet.

  39. Hong
    #65 written by Hong  (8 years ago)

    Gosh, thanks for such a detailed reply – you obviously know your stuff! They certainly don’t make it clear that the Market stuff is all trial. Does this mean they will disappear or disable after a certain time?

    As for the reset, something funny def happened cos it seemed to delete even my contacts but a few hours later they all came back!! And I definitely did NOT reset it myself; the screen suddenly went black and hung; could not switch on or off so had to take out the battery and when I put the lid back on it just said, “Deleting SD” or something like that.

    So how does one root the phone then please?

    Many thanks and keep up the good work – hope you got a free phone out of it!! H

    • Shahz
      #66 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

      That actually depends on the particular application. Some are free and they don’t have any paid versions. Some will expire after certain period of time. Some are totally free and use ads to support monetary benefits.

      The contacts were lost because of the reset. They came back because they were synchronised with Google ツ

      As for rooting guide, that will depend on the version that you are using. I have posted guides here on my blog on how to root the phone. You can follow them to root it. Good luck ツ

  40. Hong
    #67 written by Hong  (8 years ago)


  41. Anon
    #68 written by Anon (8 years ago)

    You have a wide readership and a whole lot of A10 owners here, so i would like to alert you and your readers to an issue i have found with every A10 unit i have seen.

    The LCD on my A10 has a significant amount of dead/lazy pixels. This becomes very apparent on the black screen of the app “Dead Pixel Test”, especially in a dark room. Be warned, once you see it, it will bug you forever, if you never found it, it can probably be ignored.

    In any case, I have sent it back to Asus Royal Club for repair twice, and each time they sent it back with an LCD screen that has a similar amount of dead/lazy pixels. To that, i found other A10 owners and noticed the same issue with their phone.

    Be forewarned. It is likely that every LCD screen Asus uses for the A10 has this problem. Without a sharp enough eye, people are unlikely to notice until you start looking for it. They will not entertain cashback and it takes them 2 weeks to replace an LCD screen.

  42. Guevara
    #69 written by Guevara  (8 years ago)

    Thinking about purchasing this device… Any news about an Android 2.2 update/custom rom?

    • Anon
      #70 written by Anon  (8 years ago)

      Read my post right above yours. The strongest point on this phone is the GPS antenna. This DOES NOT TRANSLATE TO A STRONGER PHONE ANTENNA. If you are using this to primarily make calls or browse the internet or for the Android experience, you are better off getting another mid-range Android. If you truly need a GPS above all else, then yes, it is acceptable, though be forewarned that your device will have a faulty LCD screen, as Asus apparently only orders LCDs with dead pixels.

  43. Sirap
    #71 written by Sirap  (8 years ago)


    is what told by Anon up here is true and applicable for A10 phone in Malaysia? If so what does it really mean by “The LCD on my A10 has a significant amount of dead/lazy pixels”? I do planning to get the phone through the DIGI promo, RM749 (12months contract) with unlimited internet at RM68, mainly for the internet and garmin gps, not for any call or texting… do u this this going to be worth it?

  44. Shahz
    #72 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

    Dear sirap,

    I dont deny the fact about dead pixels. However, dead pixels are common in LCDs especially since these are TFT screens. From my experience, phones that I have had before definitely have dead pixels, but they dont spoil the experience. In fact,thet are barely visible unless you view them in solid colors.

    Another thing is, dead pixels have two divisions. One is called hot pixel and another is called stuck pixel. Both have had different definitions by different experts. I do have several stuck pixels on my a10 too. I call them stuck because they can be released upon flushing.

    That is why AMOLED is very preferred. It uses pixels overlapping techniques which reduces the dead pixels. Even if there are,the overlapping makes tgem invisible. But of course, they cost a lot more too :)

  45. deardeer
    #73 written by deardeer (8 years ago)

    Hi Im facing the internet sharing prob. I’ve gone thru all de solutions which i search from google.
    1. Download pc sync tool from garmin asus support. Bt after i dl,thr is a software named as “simple spreadsheet” in my android,i’ve no idea v it. N my lappie no respond stil
    2. I saw a reader solved de prob v changing de data to 2g, bt 4mine,,it sti doesnt work
    3. A reader comment that need to install ethernet driver b4 connect to the pc. I couldnt get any from google even garmin asus web
    Im mad v it.

  46. Sirap
    #74 written by Sirap  (8 years ago)

    tq shahz,

    so there should be no prob la for me to get the A10 rite, as this thing wont effect my xperience using it in the future, right?

  47. Sirap
    #76 written by Sirap  (8 years ago)

    which are better? Garmin Asus A10 or Samsung Galaxy ACE?

  48. xavier
    #77 written by xavier  (8 years ago)

    bro shahz, recently got a garmin a10 from sengQ but i found out it is a singapore set which is using firm ware 5.0.66 i wish to ask which app to use to root it? i try using superoneclick but fail to root it, i tried to use z4root, it stuck at rebooting stage for quite some time i gave up.. hope for ur guidance.. thanks..

  49. Shahz
    #78 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)
  50. Nick
    #79 written by Nick  (8 years ago)

    Firstly….I love my A10. I’ve had it since Christmas and continue to find new ways to enjoy it.

    with the camera…can the aperture be set to take faster pics? It does seem to lag at times.

    And what about the android upgrade? I bet this would be such a better phone….


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