Garmin-Asus A10 screen blackout issue

Some users have reported that the recent build of the A10 had issues whereby the screen goes blank after answering calls and then doesn’t seem to go back to its normal state. I received info from the ASUS Malaysia officials today that the issue is related to the proximity sensor. They have called back the faulty phones and you can send them to the following places accordingly;

1. If you bought the Garmin-Asus A10 with the recent Digi Smart Plan package, you can send in the phone to the same place where you bought it from and you the ASUS team will pick it up from there. Please remember to take a receipt or service order from the respective shop.

2. If you bought a standalone device, or the Digi centre is not convenient for you, you can opt to send it to the following three addresses:

KL Service Centre

ASUSTek Computer Malaysia Sdn Bhd
G-2, Ground Floor, IT@SPS, Wisma SPS,
Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan Malaysia.
Hotline: +603- 6279 5077 / +603- 2148 0827
Tel: +603- 2141 9379 / +603- 2145 2787 / +603- 2145 6787
Fax: +603- 2145 8379

Puchong Service Centre

Diversified Mobile Services Sdn Bhd
No 51-1, Jalan Puteri 1/6,
Bandar Puteri Puchong
47100 Puchong, Selangor
Tel: 03 – 8063 9530
FAX: 03-8063 9531



  1. Chris
    #1 written by Chris  (8 years ago)

    I’m having the same problem… I sent back to the Digi centre today. There will be quite a while without my new toy…. Hope they got it fix as soon as possible.

  2. KOAY
    #2 written by KOAY  (8 years ago)

    Oh no….. I bring over to ASUS ROYAL CLUB (PENANG), the stuff there seems ‘dunno’ anything / have no experience at all (very disappointed) and requested to place my phone for few days / months to do investigation. Is it due to hardware of software? If software, can they provide it via website for us to download?

  3. ShahZ
    #3 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)

    @Chris, by right it will not take long supposedly.

    @KOAY, ask them to call the HQ branch if they don’t know anything. The orders have been passed around ☺ They are not sure whether its hardware or software atm, but they will replace your device regardless.

    • KOAY
      #4 written by KOAY  (8 years ago)

      Hi Shanz,

      Thanks. The HQ sent an email to me CC’ed Penang team. But again…. Penang Team called me and stated no stock at this moment….still have to wait while I’m suffering from unplug battery and plug again everytime I’m making a call / received calls. :(

      • ShahZ
        #5 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)

        Have you tried using the loudspeaker / earphones / bluetooth earpiece and see if the problem persists?

        • KOAY
          #6 written by KOAY  (8 years ago)

          Yes, tried and the screen still blackout. :(

          • ShahZ
            #7 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)

            Sigh..Then you need to send it to ASUS as specified above :(

          • KOAY
            #8 written by KOAY  (8 years ago)

            The problem is Penang Asus required more time to investigate and there is no goods for replacement. I’m start loosing my confident of Garmin-Asus after sales service… You can imagine every incoming calls / outgoing calls …. I have to unplug the case and replug-in again. :( The case is not that easy to unplug if compare with other phone. :(

  4. puza
    #9 written by puza  (8 years ago)

    Send mine to DiGi Centre today. Same problem screen blank when make a call or receiving a call. DiGi centre dunno how long it takes to repair. I insist to get new replacement since the problem is genuine and happen on day 1st but off course can’t get one. They should not sell faulty HP to user. They should stop it or test it before selling it. Really piss-off with this kind of service. Someone should report to Aduan Pengguna Malaysia or something or I’ll do it.

    • ShahZ
      #10 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)

      Chill bro..Thr problem will be fixed soon..I was told that if its a hardware failure, they will replace your device with a new one :)

  5. Chris
    #11 written by Chris  (8 years ago)

    it might takes few days because i’m from kuching sarawak. they need to send it to kl. hope it wont take too long… will go check next week.

    • ShahZ
      #12 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)

      Yeah, give it a week at least..I was told that the fixes shouldn’t take that long..

  6. Donnie Lee
    #13 written by Donnie Lee  (8 years ago)

    I have the same problem in Singapore. Brought it in to the service center here last week. Initially, they have no idea about fixing it and even replaced the motherboard “hoping” to solve the problem. That did not solve the problem as I was able to reproduce the same problem when I went to collect my phone.

    What eventually work is for the front panel (which includes the sensors) to be changed. That only took them less than 10mins while I waited at the service counter:)

    • ShahZ
      #14 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)

      So it really is the proximity sensor..The ASUS boys also hinted that it might be an issue with the proximity sensor, but didn’t want to lay promises just yet..Glad you got it fixed Donnie :)

  7. mingzai_89
    #15 written by mingzai_89  (8 years ago)

    Will they replace new set of A10 for us ? or just fix it ? bought it 9day before, now send to services centr ad.

    • ShahZ
      #16 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)

      Some users got it fixed, so I dare to say, it will be fixed.. :)

  8. Lawrence
    #17 written by Lawrence  (8 years ago)

    I just got my A10 2 days ago, having the same problem just like you guys. kindly update me the status ya, so that i can send back the phone to Digi Centre, hopefully can get a new phone instead of hardware replacement.

    Thank you.

    • ShahZ
      #18 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)

      You can actually send it to Digi centre already..I was told that most of the devices will be replaced..You need to act fast though :)

  9. A10 Lover
    #19 written by A10 Lover  (8 years ago)

    Mine bought on 3rd Nov. Never face the problem. Is it everyone facing the same problem?

    • ShahZ
      #20 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)

      Older sets are not affected :) Neither is mine~

      • A10 Lover
        #21 written by A10 Lover  (8 years ago)

        Luckily! IF they swap a new set for me I need to root again and bz installing apps…

        • ShahZ
          #22 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)

          If you use Titanium Backup application, that can save a lot of time for you ;)

  10. a10 lover
    #23 written by a10 lover  (8 years ago)

    YA. I am using it . Anyhow need to root first. Thanks for reminding

  11. Yiks
    #24 written by Yiks  (8 years ago)

    Have anybody got a replacement from Asus/Digi and didn’t have the problem recurr.? Am wondering If this can be rectified by firmware update. Is it really a hardware issue? Hate to send phone in for replacement /repair.

    Anyhow I found that I could bring the screen back by shining a bright light at the sensor. Maybe the sensor need re-calibration by software or something…..or hardware :P

  12. Yiks
    #25 written by Yiks  (8 years ago)

    Oh…. searching for proximity sensor issues for android 2.1 Have also came across same problem as experienced by HTC’s Desire HD which seem like it can be rectified by a firmware upgrade.

  13. admin
    #26 written by admin  (8 years ago)

    The proximity sensor is controlled by the firmware. But the thing is, we have seen devices running the same firmware which have no issues as well. Just send it to Asus and they will replace your device :)

  14. Yiks
    #27 written by Yiks  (8 years ago)

    Ok. bummer. Ya you’re right. Hardware prob. Went down to Asus service center and lodged the problem. They will inform when their stocks come in. 1 to 1 exchange. (29Nov2010).

    Before that , Ppl at the hotline suggested flashing the firmware. Which I did and it’s the same version. And same problem.

    In the meantime I still continue to use the A10. I asked if they could just fix it instead but tough luck. After using it it’s the perfect size/function/battery lifetime for me. Still amazed at the android OS ( my first android). Was holding out for HTC Desire Z/HD but at the price. A10 can’t be beat. Pity it had this problem else I’d continue promoting it hehehe….

    • admin
      #28 written by admin  (8 years ago)

      Well, it sstill worth promoting though ;) Sure its not the high-end Android device like the Nexus One, Desire, Desire HD etc, but its an excellent Android phone imho. Especially if you want to get the first hang of the Android OS, I don’t see any other better match to this yet..

  15. Yiks
    #29 written by Yiks  (8 years ago)

    Hard for me to promote something when proximity sensor problem is so widespread in new sets. How does one determine if the new set is trouble free? If on the outset I know there’s high chance I have to go and visit service center I would have reconsidered my choice. Since gotta face the unknown of whether/if Asus/Digi will replace, If they fix will they scratch the new phone or make it creak when not properly reassembled, and the time wasted visiting service centers….

    But thankfully Asus Service Center says will be a 1-1 replace with new set. Hope it’s really new… else I’d prefer they fix mine….

    Yes compared to the higher end phones. This A10 has got it all as well, albeit not the best in all areas but…. surprisingly good enuf, I tot i needed 800×480, I tot I needed 1Ghz CPU, I tot I needed bigger screen and tot I had to pay over 2k.

    What initially was planned as a GPS system has turned out to be a pleasant Android phone barring proximity sensor issue.

    How’s that for promotion…haha.

  16. aHk
    #30 written by aHk  (8 years ago)

    i tot i am de only one having dis pobem…. :-(

    nothing seems to work when it goes blackout…tap, shake, pressing every single buttons..wipe etc..etc..

    for de time being my only found solution is to take out de battery and reinserted and re-start everything….

    aiyoo pobem…pobem….but the GPS is excellent indeed…

  17. Yiks
    #31 written by Yiks  (8 years ago)

    Woo hoo… reading lowyat forums, there’s new firmware out. 5.0.77

    Just flashed it and tested indoors, which previously always goes blank. It doesn’t blank out so …how should I say concretely anymore. Looks promising but gotta test it longer to confirm. Save me from replacing my unit if its a confirm fix…..

    Maybe now I’ll go on to rooting it…. :P

  18. Yiks
    #32 written by Yiks  (8 years ago)

    Darn, proximity sensor still not resolved with firmware 5.0.77 . Guess gotta wait till Asus calls me when replacement arrives.

  19. aHk
    #33 written by aHk  (8 years ago)

    Thanks Yiks on your latest feedback.

    I was about to install 5.0.77 so i think i dont have to waste my time in doing so…

    will send my set to Asus/KL nextweek and let them rectify the problem.

    untill then…i will go on living by :
    1. bringing the screen to bright light/sunlight or
    2. make a miss-call to the phone
    to wake her up from ‘dead’..

    oredy sick of taking out the battery and re-insert.

  20. admin
    #34 written by admin  (8 years ago)

    Like I said earlier guys, the issue is not just firmware related. It has something to do with the hardware too :( I know its disappointing, but I’ve seen ASUS doing their job pretty good on replacing the devices – at least those that were sent directly to them :) I’m not sure about the ones that are sent to Digi centres, but I was told by the ASUS guys that they collect the devices when they receive a call.

  21. Chris
    #35 written by Chris  (8 years ago)

    i got my device replaced for a new one last week. now the proximity sensor problem is fixed…. i’m happy with it now…

  22. admin
    #36 written by admin  (8 years ago)

    Some people reported that the new firmware upgrade has fixed the issue for them. Have you guys upgraded your firmware?

  23. kev
    #37 written by kev  (8 years ago)

    how to upgrade the firmware?

  24. Yiks
    #38 written by Yiks  (8 years ago)

    Firmware 5.0.77 seems to reduce the occurrence of the proximity blackout. Well think I have to try it out longer. It still does happen. ALthough not as frequent as previously. Hence my initial report that it seemed fixed. But I had proximity blackout shortly after that and resigned to not testing it further. So I guess it’s advisable for users facing this problem to install firmware 5.0.77 and test and report.

  25. LouisT
    #39 written by LouisT  (8 years ago)

    i try to flash my a10 to 5.0.77 , but when the devine auto restart it keep on showing ‘garmin asus’, i wait around 10 minute it still same….. what to do…. i can’t turn on now even i remove the batery and reinsert….

    • admin
      #40 written by admin  (8 years ago)

      Erkk..You removed the battery? Usually the update doesn’t take that long..Try running it again..If you still having the same problem, send it to ASUS before you brick it..

  26. LouisT
    #41 written by LouisT  (8 years ago)

    i hv send it to asus…. they said hv to change the mainbord, and for the upgrade, dun need any micro sd, juz put the ‘garmin’ folder direct in the phone storage.. what the !@#$%^&*(…

    • admin
      #42 written by admin  (8 years ago)

      Err..yeah..that’s what we did..You put it in the micro sd?? :S

  27. JOJO
    #43 written by JOJO  (8 years ago)

    these comments help a lot cz i’m considering one from Digi Smartplan. but since the same problem, dunno what to do.. maybe not going for garmin asus as affecting jan 1, garmin and asus walk separate ways..
    thank you.

    • admin
      #44 written by admin  (8 years ago)

      The simplest is, when you get the unit, give test it out first. The issue is with calling only and the new batch by right has fixed it. Test it right in front of them and if it persists, ask them to change the set. If they refuse, don’t buy. Remember, don’t sign an agreement until they show you a working set..

  28. LouisT
    #45 written by LouisT  (8 years ago)

    ya… i tot the web saying that put the file in the sd.. hahahahah…

  29. nkhoe
    #46 written by nkhoe  (8 years ago)

    HELP! shahz help me! i have a problem on upgrading firmware…. after press ok it jump back to normal screen… ntg running at all…
    try few times also the same issue…

    • admin
      #47 written by admin  (8 years ago)

      Are you also putting the files on your external SD card? You should put those files in the internal partition (The one that will be 4GB total size).. :)

      • nkhoe
        #48 written by nkhoe  (8 years ago)

        i try both… but also fail to update… at last… i went to Asus tis morning… wait 4hours… Asus tell me they cant update too… juz help me to reflash to default rom…. haiz… :(

        • admin
          #49 written by admin  (8 years ago)

          So now can update ady??

          • nkhoe
            #50 written by nkhoe  (8 years ago)

            cant…. still at 64… :(

          • nkhoe
            #51 written by nkhoe  (8 years ago)

            but they told me my proximity sensor problem fix… juz reflash back wif v5.0.64 rom….
            so far after few hours… ok…

  30. LouisT
    #52 written by LouisT  (8 years ago)

    my phone is still at asus….. taking it back tomorow =.=

  31. aHk
    #53 written by aHk  (8 years ago)

    …sent my phone to Asus-KL lunchtime today…dono when will get it back… :(

    already successfully updated to 5.0.77 but problem persists….

    • admin
      #54 written by admin  (8 years ago)

      Keep us posted on how it goes..By right that shouldn’t take long really..

      • nkhoe
        #55 written by nkhoe  (8 years ago)

        u try to call them tomorrow… they juz can reflash the rom… like me today… take 4hours plus…

  32. aHk
    #56 written by aHk  (8 years ago)

    sent my set to asus-kl on wednesday noon…..and just called them to check a shortwhile ago….(Friday 11.30) still not ready yet…..@%%3@&1

    • admin
      #57 written by admin  (8 years ago)

      Patient my friend..Once you get it back, the feeling of having it in your hands (and not having the problem anymore) will be orgasmic :D

  33. aHk
    #58 written by aHk  (8 years ago)

    …m waiting for that moment :)

    you are right and they did mentioned between 3 to 7 wrkg days……

  34. admin
    #59 written by admin  (8 years ago)

    It will be in before you now it ;)

  35. allenliu
    #60 written by allenliu  (8 years ago)

    I face the black out problem with my newly bought A50 when making calls, but i can revive it by pressing the ‘Power’ button. I guess this is not normal. Any opinion, gals?

    • admin
      #61 written by admin  (8 years ago)

      Don’t joke bro..This issue is not supposed to happen on the A50..Its only occuring on the A10..Please don’t say the A50 is also infected..

  36. adrianlee
    #62 written by adrianlee  (8 years ago)

    I face the black out problem too. I bought A10 on 16/11.
    Until today (15/12) i sent my phone to Asus-KL. During pass few week i used the Problem A10, very trouble… sometime the phone is normal, sometime black out problem come out… that why i no send to the center quickly.

    Like today, i decide send my A10 to the center, they test my phone, but the problem didn’t occurring , then they say your phone is no problem. This is what knew they will say to me… but i tell them the situation
    and they say need check it first.

    Because the bad experience i had when using my A10, so i request to 1-1 replace with new set. The guy say need ask the manager first. Then i say how long will take, he say need few days.

    My phone is in good condition, i sent full set (with charger, earphone, usb cable) back to the center.

    I hope that Asus-KL center will fufill my request to replace a new set for me. Coz i really tired to use the A10 with the black out problem.

  37. yiks
    #63 written by yiks (8 years ago)

    Notified asus service center on 29nov got back phone 15dec. Proximity fixed. Replaced 1 to 1 pretty happy with new set. Din even ask me to use back my old battery. Firmware 5.0.77. Need to get much closer for the screen to blank now. No more black outs. I bot so many pc stuff from asus and its my first service center visit. Worthy of my continued support. I hope they continue to improve on gps functionality. As after using the A10 i will not buy another smartphone without gps functionality as their topmost feature.

  38. aHk
    #64 written by aHk  (8 years ago)

    i had anoher piece of BAD experience with Asus-KL.
    sent my phone (A10 blackout problem) on Wednesday 08-Dec-10.
    Recieved call on Tuesday 14-Dec-10 (after 4 working days) telling me that my phone was ready, problem solved and can be collected tomorrow.

    Went to Asus-KL on Wednesday15-Dec-10, recieved it at the front counter and straight away perform some testing of making calls. To my horror…the PROBLEM PERSISTS….after few trials it went OK….decided to walk back to the monorel stn. Tried to make call and the screen blackout again….walk straight back to the front counter and inform the service personnel there…and even managed to simulate the same problem infront of his face/eyes……(it is not easy to proof the problem as it occurs randomly ….)

    So today is 20th Dec 2010 and i am still waiting for my phone….
    ….still remember the confused face (pretending) of the front desk service personnel when i mentioned about the screen blackout problem of the A10…as if this is the first case that he had come accross…or never heard of such complain before…. %#!*@…stop pretending ASUS !

  39. aHk
    #65 written by aHk  (8 years ago)

    …received call from Asus-KL on Thursday 23-Dec confirming that they had agreed to replace my phone 1 to 1subject to avilability of new stock.

    …and today is 28-Dec-10 and i am still waiting for my phone….

    • admin
      #66 written by admin  (8 years ago)

      Did you call them up?

  40. aHk
    #67 written by aHk  (8 years ago)

    called them b4 noon and being informed to come and collect the new set at lunch time today 29th Dec….at last….

    will update here on the new set findings……..

  41. aHk
    #68 written by aHk  (8 years ago)

    …my new set is doing just fine….no more blackout problem !

  42. Chris
    #70 written by Chris  (8 years ago)

    The A50 definitely has the same problem and blanks out not only when making a call but also on various widgets and syncing with my laptop!

    Oh dear.


    • Shahz
      #71 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

      You sure about this? Try doing a factory reset..No A50s have been reported with the issue so far yet..

  43. leerider99
    #72 written by leerider99  (8 years ago)

    Can the black out screen issue be solved through update firmware??
    And how come the navigation voice doesnt tell me to turn left or right, although it shows on the screen? Any wrong settings I had?
    My old Nokia X6 with garmin XT keep reminding me to turn left/right many times before the actual turn. That was much better.

    Please share some light. Thank you

    • Shahz
      #73 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

      Yeah, by right the recent firmware should fix the issue..As for your navigation issue, check your volume..It should have voice navigation..

  44. brandon
    #74 written by brandon  (8 years ago)

    I just bought my A10 like 2 days ago and immediately had the problem. Just updated to new firmware today. seem to have solved the problem..

    The directions on the website to update is wrong though. You don’t need to copy the new firmware file into the SD card.. just phone memory..

    • Shahz
      #75 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

      yes, its the internal sd storage..not the same as phone memory..

  45. brandon
    #76 written by brandon  (8 years ago)

    not too sure if this is also a firmware problem. I just updated, solved the blank screen after calls. but the screen doesn’t seem to respond after a call sometimes. it freezes. I can turn on and off the screen with the powerbutton though.. ):

    • merahsakti
      #77 written by merahsakti  (8 years ago)

      Can u try, “Master Clear”. Settings > Privacy > Personal Data > Master Clear.

  46. grimdodo
    #78 written by grimdodo  (8 years ago)

    Hi everyone,
    i am facing the same problem with my A10 as well, the screen has blackout sometimes when i make a call.

    I am trying to update the firmware, but the user guide they provide is not really helpful. Thanks to brandon for pointing out that we need to store the file in the phone internal sd storage.

    How do i update the firmware after i copy the files and do i need to perform master clear?

  47. herman
    #79 written by herman  (8 years ago)

    hi shaz….use a10 just 1 month…after upgrade firmware 2.7….my a10 always shutdown suddenly .My a10 mention battery low…actually its full….plz help..

    • Shahz
      #80 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

      That sounds like a hardware failure..You need to take it to ASUS for warranty claims..They will fix / get a new set for you ツ

  48. herman
    #81 written by herman  (8 years ago)

    Hope get a new set….but i sent it via dealer dont know when get it back……pity….

  49. JC
    #82 written by JC  (8 years ago)

    Purchased my A10 last month and was happy with it until the blackout screen came out. The problem become worst as the one i bought (from SenQ) is a Singapore set (already clarified with Asus Msia). So now i don know is the phone can be bring to Asus Msia to slove this problem or need to go Asus SG. I am staying at the place where there is not SenQ outlet, contacted SenQ many times but they did not reply. Very frust now… Shahz, any suggestion?

    • JC
      #83 written by JC  (8 years ago)

      contacted both Asus and SenQ already. No problem for me to send the phone to Asus KL for repair. Will go to Kl and send the phone for repair sometime next week..

  50. herman
    #84 written by herman  (8 years ago)

    40 days waiting my phone…..still not solve my problem.what happened ASUS?What can i do….ASUS afterservice sales very poor….2 years warranty?very disgusting…..Anybody want to buy Asus phone?Think about it carefullllllllly….

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