Garmin-Asus A10 sneak peek

Many Android users have been looking for an alternative GPS application for their Android devices. While we have some pretty good ones like Co-Pilot and Papago, what they really need is a solidly integrated GPS application that is not only reliable but also fast, seemless and has a neat interface. The big problem is, they have been using pioneer GPS wares for their navigation use like Garmin and TomTom and have been spoilt to get the best. Not only that, they want a phone that can run the GPS application without quenching their data plans and can run in places where there is no data signal.

Not only that, cheaper GPS hardwares started to include other stuff into the package too such as music player, Bluetooth connection, image and video viewer. So what if you could have all this integrated into a neat Android device? How awesome would it be to be able to use your Android phone to navigate at pedestrian level as well as driving mode? If this sounds too good to be true, behold, the new Garmin-Asus A10 GPS-smartphone!

This phone is bound to make its official appearance on the September 28th 2010 so all you Garmin fanatics, start breaking your piggy banks because the first Garmin-enabled Android device is coming to your stores! Never lose your route ever again. I have to tell you guys, this phone seriously ROCKS!

The hardware itself is very elegant. Chrome plate around the shell and the glossy screen blends very well! The back cover has a feel like the Nexus One’s back cover making this device comfortable in your palms. It has two hardkeys including the Power switch at the top and the volume button on the side of the phone. There are three softkeys including the return, home and options.

I got my device today and will be playing with it for a while. A very detailed review will be following up soon. The reviews will be posted on three locations:

1.’s Android board
2. LegenDroid’s General Discussion and Support section
3. My personal blog

You can subscribe to any of these to keep yourself updated. I can only say one thing for now. “Hold your breath” wink.gif

Here are some sneak peeks of the Garmin-Asus A10:

user posted imageuser posted image



  1. lanujang
    #1 written by lanujang  (8 years ago)

    me waiting for ur detail review… cannot tahan la…

    • Gabrielle
      #2 written by Gabrielle (2 years ago)

      In the colmeicatpd world we live in, it’s good to find simple solutions.

      #3 written by (2 years ago)

      That is totally ripped off of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), which also happens to be every November. I guess NaBloPoMo is for people who have shorter attention spans. :-P

  2. Shahz
    #4 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

    Haha..Sure bro..Coming up really soon ;)

  3. Alfred Goh
    #5 written by Alfred Goh  (8 years ago)

    Can I check with you on the Garmin-Asus A10, that does it support Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese interface?

  4. ShahZ
    #6 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)

    @Alfred Goh, Yeah, it supports both Traditional and Simplified Chinese interface. With just a tap on the language box, the whole global settings for language changes to chinese. As far as the input is concerned, the A10 comes with 4 different chinese keyboards:
    1. Chinese Handwriting
    2. Chinese Pinyin
    3. Chinese Stroke
    4. Chinese Zhuyin

  5. Jmg
    #7 written by Jmg  (8 years ago)

    Just get an Indonesian version A10, only English language available for interface and keyboard, how can I add Chinese input in A10 ? Download Malaysian firmware and it said invalid file when update, please help..

    • ShahZ
      #8 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)

      I suggest you don’t upgrade for now. Some Malaysian phones are having problems currently. If its a firmware problem, your phone might end up experiencing it too. You can checkout the market for chinese keyboards. I wish to help, but I can’t read chinese :(

  6. shahnor
    #9 written by shahnor  (8 years ago)

    can garmin asus a10 use papago??

    • admin
      #10 written by admin  (8 years ago)

      Why not? Its an Android phone afterall :)

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