Garmin Asus A10 unboxing, rooting and official launching pics

So, you have seen the sneak peek, you have read the reviews, now you want to root it. Worry not, the Garmin-Asus a10 is just as easily rootable as the Nexus One is. However, bear in mind, you will not have the luxury of fastboot on the A10. Hence, a good command of ADB is required to handle the internal commands of the phone. No, you can’t run the ADB natively too. You have to compile your own ADB for the purpose. If you need it, let me know here. I know, for a fact, the A10 runs on a 600MHz processor and its just not enough. Here, we are going to root the phone and put it on performance mode.

Without wasting time, here is how you can root and optimize your A10.

1. Download Universal Androot application from here.
2. Use a file manager (like ASTRO File Manager from the market), browse to the application, and install it.
3. Run the “Universal Androot” application from the application list.
4. Now, select “Superuser for Android 2.0 -2.2″ from the list and hit the “Root” button. WAIT UNTIL IT DISPLAYS “w00t! Your phone is rooted!” message!
5. Uninstall the universal androot application.
6. Download setCPU from here. You should also support them by purchasing the application from the market. Use my paid apps guide on how to obtain the paid apps on your market.
7. Run the setCPU application, set the max and min freq to 600MHz. Set the governor to “performance”. Select the “set on boot”. That it. Your phone will be snappier than ever now.

The Garmin-Asus A10 is available in your local stores now. RRP is RM1499 and the dock set RRP is RM249. Here are the unboxing pictures of what you will be getting if you lay your hands on one of these babies:

The box is indeed very jolly looking :)

What appears to be the sides of the box.

A short insight of what is under the hood ;)

The phone, charger, USB cable, earphones, battery and the user guide.

YeaH! The dock baby!

The Garmin-Asus A10 was officially launching in Malaysia on the September 28th 2010. Some of the launching pics are attached here. The gentleman in white is Mr. Frank Teh, Managing Director of SiS Distribution. The lady dressed in black is Ms. Fei Yen, Business Development Manager of Garmin-ASUS, handheld division. The gentleman in glasses and coat is Li Huai Pin, Product Specialist of Garmin-ASUS, handheld division. Here are the pics:

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