Garmin Asus A10 unboxing, rooting and official launching pics

So, you have seen the sneak peek, you have read the reviews, now you want to root it. Worry not, the Garmin-Asus a10 is just as easily rootable as the Nexus One is. However, bear in mind, you will not have the luxury of fastboot on the A10. Hence, a good command of ADB is required to handle the internal commands of the phone. No, you can’t run the ADB natively too. You have to compile your own ADB for the purpose. If you need it, let me know here. I know, for a fact, the A10 runs on a 600MHz processor and its just not enough. Here, we are going to root the phone and put it on performance mode.

Without wasting time, here is how you can root and optimize your A10.

1. Download Universal Androot application from here.
2. Use a file manager (like ASTRO File Manager from the market), browse to the application, and install it.
3. Run the “Universal Androot” application from the application list.
4. Now, select “Superuser for Android 2.0 -2.2″ from the list and hit the “Root” button. WAIT UNTIL IT DISPLAYS “w00t! Your phone is rooted!” message!
5. Uninstall the universal androot application.
6. Download setCPU from here. You should also support them by purchasing the application from the market. Use my paid apps guide on how to obtain the paid apps on your market.
7. Run the setCPU application, set the max and min freq to 600MHz. Set the governor to “performance”. Select the “set on boot”. That it. Your phone will be snappier than ever now.

The Garmin-Asus A10 is available in your local stores now. RRP is RM1499 and the dock set RRP is RM249. Here are the unboxing pictures of what you will be getting if you lay your hands on one of these babies:

The box is indeed very jolly looking :)

What appears to be the sides of the box.

A short insight of what is under the hood ;)

The phone, charger, USB cable, earphones, battery and the user guide.

YeaH! The dock baby!

The Garmin-Asus A10 was officially launching in Malaysia on the September 28th 2010. Some of the launching pics are attached here. The gentleman in white is Mr. Frank Teh, Managing Director of SiS Distribution. The lady dressed in black is Ms. Fei Yen, Business Development Manager of Garmin-ASUS, handheld division. The gentleman in glasses and coat is Li Huai Pin, Product Specialist of Garmin-ASUS, handheld division. Here are the pics:

  1. frank
    #1 written by frank  (8 years ago)

    您好,我依照您的方法,已完成前四個步驟,成功秀出IT DISPLAYS “w00t! Your phone is rooted!” message!。

    但是我第五個步驟,5. Uninstall the universal androot application.不知道要如何移除universal androot,

    嘗試繼續下個步驟,已完成購買付費軟體setCPU,但是打開後卻告知我沒有root權限,因此我改好cpu後,沒辦法set on boot”,請問是因為第五個步驟沒有完成嗎?

    請協助更清楚說明要如何操作,奇怪的是如果我沒有root權限,我卻可以改market acess

  2. ShahZ
    #2 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)




    Shahz :)

  3. frank
    #3 written by frank  (8 years ago)

    thanks for your help


    請問您Run the setCPU application, set the max and min freq to 600MHz. Set the governor to “performance”.



  4. ShahZ
    #4 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)


    嗯,我很高兴你理解了它。是的。设置”min”和”max”至600MHz,确实会提高性能。这是一个Linux的有活力的部分。该处理器可以更改功能根据自己的喜好。 Min 是最低的频率,将时钟以节省功率。 Max 是它的最高频率会在使用或性能模式。在 governor 决定如何操作的速度。


  5. Tommy
    #5 written by Tommy  (8 years ago)

    Hi ShahZ,

    Thanks for this informative piece, I have been looking for something like this since I got my A10 running Android 1.6 in mid-July. However, it seems I can not get this to work. I download and install Universal Androot and it seems to give me root but when I try to install an app demanding root access, like ShootMe it says it seems I do not have root. I was wondering whether you would have any hints on how to get a bit further.

    Best regards,

    • ShahZ
      #6 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)

      Hello Tommy,

      SInce you are running the 1.6 version, in your Universal Androot, try selecting “1.6” from the dropdown and then execute the root command. That should do it.

  6. ShahZ
    #8 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)

    That is quite a mess. Have you tried copying it using ADB? How are you accessing the /system/xbin directory?

  7. Tommy
    #9 written by Tommy  (8 years ago)

    I have tried access /system/xbin with both Root Explorer and ADB but no su in that folder just a rfcomm file.

  8. ShahZ
    #10 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)

    Hmm..I guess you need to first get a 2.1 OTA upgrade..

  9. Alex
    #11 written by Alex  (8 years ago)

    Hi Bro, can I know after rooting the A10, can we proceeding with flashing Froyo Rom just like those HTC phone and are they compatible? Thanks

  10. ShahZ
    #12 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)

    You can flash custom ROM provided someone has compiled it..Problem is, on A10, we don’t even have a recovery console available yet..

    You cannot flash ROMs of other phones..ROMs are device specific..

  11. Alex
    #13 written by Alex  (8 years ago)

    Thanks bro, anyway, I don’t even have the luck on successful to root my A10, I think it because the 5.064 update, anyway thanks.

  12. ShahZ
    #14 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)

    Are you running 2.1 or 1.6 ?

    • Alex
      #15 written by Alex  (8 years ago)

      I am running 2.1 which with v5.0.64 update bro

      • Shahz
        #16 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

        Hmm..i still dont see why it should not work..what error do you get when you try to root it? Also, are you using the same root guide thay I posted on my blog?

        • Azni
          #17 written by Azni  (8 years ago)

          Downloaded the Universal Androot, try to install using Astro File Manager but no install button shown. running 2.1-update1 with v5.0.64

          Any missing step bro?


          • ShahZ
            #18 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)

            No install button? Use the download link in the post up there..then browse to the application, just tap it, and then it should have the install button..this is rather weird..but I’m running on v5.0.43 so I can’t confirm your error..

  13. Azni
    #19 written by Azni  (8 years ago)

    Yup, downloaded using the link in the post copied to SDCard, tap it but no install button

  14. Alex
    #20 written by Alex  (8 years ago)

    @Azni: Choose Open App Manager, it same with Install. And you need first tick the setting for unknown source in Application Setting

    @ShahZ: Failed! No~~~ Fu goo~~~

    • Azni
      #21 written by Azni  (8 years ago)

      unknown source has been ticked but still no luck. redownload again but still same.
      the file permission is -rw 196,608 bytes

  15. ShahZ
    #22 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)

    Oh yea..The unknown source in application setting..That will unleash the install button..Forgot about that..

    Alex..Still no luck ahr? Looks like we gotta go to xda for some help then..

  16. Alex
    #23 written by Alex  (8 years ago)

    @Azni – the button called Open AppManager

    @ShahZ – Yes, no luck for it, and today was kinda pissed of by Digi new plan, it killed my price of A10. And tried both oneclickroot and Universal Androot, still no luck.

    • ShahZ
      #24 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)

      Well, in that case, we gotta wait for some hackers to get us the root for new versions now :( Root will always be like this. A battle between the hackers and the manufacturers. They will try to protect and we will try to break in. We’ll do more research. If you guys find a way, do share it with me too.

      Chill about the price bro. You got an unlocked device with no strings attached. Those guys will be bound to contract. You have freedom. Now that you have experienced the A10, maybe you can wait for Digi to support the coming A50 and you get it for insanely cheap price ;) I prefer buying unlocked devices to be honest. No contract, no hassle, no promises :)

  17. Alex
    #25 written by Alex  (8 years ago)

    Haha, you are right too, but instead, to make an Android phone useful, i need the data plan as well =D Thats why I am so angry. Anyway thanks for your advice

    • ShahZ
      #26 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)

      Yep..without data plan the actual beast is still hidden within the Android phone :)

      • Azni
        #27 written by Azni  (8 years ago)

        Yup, agree with that, thanks anyway

  18. jazzm
    #28 written by jazzm  (8 years ago)

    thanks for the helpful writeups shahz. yyou have me sold on the a10!

    1 question..
    if i change my mind after rooting, is there an easy way to restore the phone to the original settings? [is this process the same as saying i’d like to restore the manufacturer’s ROM?]

  19. initialvin
    #30 written by initialvin  (8 years ago)

    hey guys I have a Garmin-Asus A10 with i dont know what ver of android,
    how do you check?
    is bought in australia
    is planned with optus, but i h8 optus can someone teach me how to unlock it?

    if i root it, it doesnt unlock it right?

    please help?
    thanks in advance

  20. ShahZ
    #31 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)

    In order to check the version, go to settings – about – about software and you will see “firmware version”..that is your android ver..there is not much development in garmin asus phones yet so we dont have a custom rom to replace it yet..

  21. Chris
    #32 written by Chris  (8 years ago)

    Hi guys,
    just to share with you, i have rooted my garmin asus a10 version5.0.64 using the superoneclick v1.5.5 from xda developers forum. go ahead and try…

    • ShahZ
      #33 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)

      Thanks for the share Chris. I will write a new tutorial for it soon then :) cheers..

  22. Alex
    #34 written by Alex  (8 years ago)

    Thanks Chris, is trying it out now

  23. Alex
    #35 written by Alex  (8 years ago)

    Done with rooting, and successfully done with several tweak. But too bad Garmin Asus A10 do not have the Kernal for Swapper2 =D
    Anyway thanks for the help so far.

  24. Oh! NO...
    #36 written by Oh! NO...  (8 years ago)

    DiGi is having a special promotion if you take out a Garmin-Asus A10 smartphone with a 24 month plan at its Sunway Pyramid roadshow from today until 14th November 2010. I believe the normal rate for monthly unlimited data is RM 68; with this promo, you pay only RM 28 for the first 6 months of your 24 month contract, which is a savings of RM 40 per month, for 6 months. Coupled with the already cheap RM 499 device price for the 24 month contract, I think this is a bloody good deal if you’re in the market for an excellent navigation smartphone

  25. ShahZ
    #37 written by ShahZ  (8 years ago)

    w00t! Thanks a lot for the share! Those who are getting this deal will be lucky for sure!

  26. Jerry
    #38 written by Jerry  (8 years ago)

    Yo Shaz, Will this cause more battery consume?

  27. Tommy
    #40 written by Tommy  (8 years ago)

    Just to inform you that I have rooted the A10 running 2.1 (Telenor DK) with z4root. Worked like a charm.

    • Shahz
      #41 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

      Congrats my friend..And welcome to root-world..Where the nation never turns back..haha

  28. arif
    #42 written by arif  (8 years ago)

    shahz, i already rooted my phone n already installed setcpu. i clicked on auto detect cpu , then screen turned blank. what do i do?pls advise. thanks

    • Shahz
      #43 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

      Make sure you are using the latest version of setCPU..

  29. arif
    #44 written by arif  (8 years ago)

    its alright. i managed to root it properly using z4root. it really worked like a charm. thanks to tommy and to u shahz for this great article. keep up the good work

  30. grimdodo
    #45 written by grimdodo  (8 years ago)

    Shahz, Thanks for the tips and all the great articles here. I manage to root my phone using z4root.

    Even after firmware upgrade, i am still having the screen blackout issue :(

    • Shahz
      #46 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

      Did you try doing a hard reset? If it persists, then send the phone to Asus for warranty. They will have it replaced for you :)

      • grimdodo
        #47 written by grimdodo  (8 years ago)

        Hi Shahz,

        Hard reset as in open the backcover and remove the battery?

        • shahz
          #48 written by shahz  (8 years ago)

          Nope..Switch off, then while pressing the vol down (or is it vol up), press the power button..Until a blue screen appears..

  31. matt
    #49 written by matt  (8 years ago)

    Hi, I’m hoping you may be able to help me. I have an a10 on the telecom network here in new Zealand. The phone has dropped off the network and my service provider has been no help. I’m not sure what to do as I have tried all other avenues.

    Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    • Shahz
      #50 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

      I’m not sure what you mean by “dropped off the network”. I assume you are not getting network signals to your phone. Try the SIM in another phone. If it doesn’t work, then the issue is with the SIM. If it works on the other phone, then most probably your a10’s radio has gave up. You will have to send it to ASUS for repairs.

      That is IF you are not getting network on your a10 AT ALL – regardless of restart.

  32. mayhem
    #51 written by mayhem  (8 years ago)

    Hi,SetCPU doesn’t seem to exist,is there any substitute app i can use?

  33. tmusopero
    #52 written by tmusopero  (8 years ago)

    Hey, what custom roms can i use on a Garmin asus a10?

  34. Steven
    #53 written by Steven  (8 years ago)

    Hi, I need some advice here, I was in the mid of deciding to get a used Asus A10 and I have not use an android phone b4. I was looking for a phone that performs well on the function & its GPS. But i wanted to be sure that this phone is performing well on its phone features like phone signals, decent speed, stability, sms, decent wifi surfing & hopefully trouble free. So do you think it is worth getting? Thanks

    • Shahz
      #54 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

      From the looks of your requirements, you don’t need a high end Android phone yet. This phone will, indeed do a great deal for you.

  35. Steven
    #55 written by Steven  (8 years ago)

    Hi Shahz,

    Thanks for replying, so far any issue of the phone being weak signal, system hang, speaker problem & also is it safe to root it.

    Sorry I just wanna make sure..

    • Shahz
      #56 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

      Nope..No such issues..If there is one issue that is reported, its only regarding the “back cover open” issue – which apparently does not occur on my phone at all. Other than that, no problems. Rooting shouldn’t be a problem either. Mine is rooted as well :)

      • Steven
        #57 written by Steven  (8 years ago)


        Hope you don’t mind, I got some more issue to question.

        Is the A10 be able to sync with a Mac?
        Like contacts back up, sms, etc?

        So what are the limitation with this Eclair 2.1? Are there many application it doesn’t support?

        So I would assume this phone would not give problem like it hangs off during calls, bad reception, low sound & slow browsing?

        Last one, can we actually put in 2-3 maps into the Garmin? E.g. I wanted maps like Msia & Spore, Thailand, Hong Kong & India, can I actually put all this in?


  36. prosper ganyo
    #58 written by prosper ganyo  (6 years ago)

    i on ma new garmin asus a10 and its always asking for password can u please help me with the universal oadwird ti unlock?

  37. sufaz
    #59 written by sufaz  (6 years ago)

    Hi Shahz,
    Do you know how to flash garminasus, cause my HH is stuck in android logo ?

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