GMail secrets you may want to know

GMail might be your daily internet sight, but there are certain things that you may not even know and can be very useful in using it. There are certain ways you can use your single GMail address but mimicking it as if there were lots of them. Lets take for example, if your e-mail address is

1. First fact doubles your e-mail address by doubling the domain. The address and will both land on the same inbox.

2. Second fact multiplies your address with the number of letters your e-mail alias has. The address,,,, etc are all the same. Immagine how many instances that can be!

3. The last tip will give unlimited possibilities to the number of e-mail addresses your single e-mail can bear. By adding a plus sign (+), you can make a totally new e-mail address. eg:,,, will all land to JohnSmith’s single address in the end.

So use your gmail wisely and these three tips can come very handy in one way or another. I gave the tip, its up to you to utilize it :)


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