Starbucks is often viewed as a great place to drop in, have a pick-me-up, and use free WiFi. If that’s your M.O., Google has made life a little bit better for you. Starting in August, Google will team up with Starbucks to bring faster WiFi speeds to all 7,000 company operated locations throughout the US. From the Google Blog:

Google has long invested in helping the Internet grow stronger, including projects to make Internet access speedier, more affordable, and more widely available. The free Internet connection at Starbucks has become an important part of many communities over the years, such as in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, or for students without Internet at home who do their homework at Starbucks.
Google Blog

Google also notes that data speeds will be up to 10 times faster than they currently are, and that folks in a Fiber city like Kansas City could see data speeds improve 100-fold. Way to rub it in that I’m not in a Fiber city, Google!

The rollout starts in August, but may take a while to reach your favorite Starbucks location. Google notes that when you see the “Google Starbucks” SSID to log into, you know you’ve got the good stuff. Caffeine, free All Access, paying with Square, and faster internet? Starbucks may just be cool again.

Source: androidauthority