Google Doodle celebrates 115 years of X-Ray

If there is one website I just can’t get bored visiting, its Google. Not to search because I can do that by just typing the keywords in my Chrome browser – but rather just to check out if there is any doodle of the day on their site. Today’s Google Doodle marks a history of 115 years in X-Ray foundation. This shows us how long mankind has been exposing itself to the hazardous gamma rays.

Hazardous? Its this hazardous rays that have saved millions of lives too. While I was reminiscing at the doodle, I came to realize that so far everyone in my family has gone through at least one X-Ray session in their lifetime. Without X-Ray I can’t possibly think of how would the medical world even identify most of the major discoveries. So I’m taking this time to pay a tribute to professor Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen for his awesome invention.


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