Got Invited by ASUS for Garmin-ASUS A10 review

I’ve been playing with Android OS for over a year now and I have to say, the journey has not only been interesting, but rather adventurous. So far, I have played with ALL available Android phones in the market ranging from HTC Smart and HTC Tattoo all the way to Samsung Galaxy S and even HTC Aria ;). Only phone that I haven’t played so far has to be the Droid X, which I am looking forward to lay my hands on soon. Now, I’ve been pretty active on Malaysian Android scene especially on and Not only have we built a fanboy’s community, we have shared our resources, had t-shirts, stickers, reviews and even guided the newbies in the scene. It has been a great journey and I have to say, the Malaysian Android community drive is rather active compared to any other community I have participated so far.

So, out of the blue, a couple of days ago, I received a message from ASUS Malaysia’s Product Marketing Specialist, who invited me to test the upcoming Garmin-ASUS Android phone. Now, if it was some company that I had never heard of before, I would probably refuse given the fact that KL is hours of drive away from my location usually. But this is ASUS! Back in those days when I was in Windows-world, ASUS was my favorite brand for laptops. I admired their Lamborghini limited edition but never had the money to own one. So getting an invitation from ASUS! or shall I say Getting an invitation from ASUS to review their phone! or shall I say Getting an invitation from ASUS to review their phone which runs on Android OS! has to be a very tempting invitation. So we are in touch now and have set a date fixed to meet up next week. I will be getting a hand-on experience with the phone and get to write a very long review on it. Keep yourself updated with either LYN, LegenDroid or my blog as I will be posting the reviews in these three places.

I’m not sure if I’ll get to keep the phone, but playing with it itself will be great fun. If I keep the phone, I will more than a happy rabbit on an easter’s day :D


  1. amerkamil
    #1 written by amerkamil  (8 years ago)

    as May 2011 what is the best android phone in your opinion? i put my eye on samsung galaxy S2 and htc desire S.

    • Shahz
      #2 written by Shahz  (8 years ago)

      Yeah..The Galaxy S2 is awesome..But I’m still waiting for something that will be much more awesome..
      Currently, I’m eyeing the Transformer..

  2. Lizabeth
    #3 written by Lizabeth  (2 years ago)

    genialna uvaha… fakt ze genialna, clovek ani nema co povedat. nemohol by autor zauavzovat aj na inu temu? som si isty ze ludstvo by nemalo byt ukratene o myslienky jeho briskneho genia

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