Got Invited by ASUS for Garmin-ASUS A10 review

I’ve been playing with Android OS for over a year now and I have to say, the journey has not only been interesting, but rather adventurous. So far, I have played with ALL available Android phones in the market ranging from HTC Smart and HTC Tattoo all the way to Samsung Galaxy S and even HTC Aria ;). Only phone that I haven’t played so far has to be the Droid X, which I am looking forward to lay my hands on soon. Now, I’ve been pretty active on Malaysian Android scene especially on and Not only have we built a fanboy’s community, we have shared our resources, had t-shirts, stickers, reviews and even guided the newbies in the scene. It has been a great journey and I have to say, the Malaysian Android community drive is rather active compared to any other community I have participated so far.

So, out of the blue, a couple of days ago, I received a message from ASUS Malaysia’s Product Marketing Specialist, who invited me to test the upcoming Garmin-ASUS Android phone. Now, if it was some company that I had never heard of before, I would probably refuse given the fact that KL is hours of drive away from my location usually. But this is ASUS! Back in those days when I was in Windows-world, ASUS was my favorite brand for laptops. I admired their Lamborghini limited edition but never had the money to own one. So getting an invitation from ASUS! or shall I say Getting an invitation from ASUS to review their phone! or shall I say Getting an invitation from ASUS to review their phone which runs on Android OS! has to be a very tempting invitation. So we are in touch now and have set a date fixed to meet up next week. I will be getting a hand-on experience with the phone and get to write a very long review on it. Keep yourself updated with either LYN, LegenDroid or my blog as I will be posting the reviews in these three places.

I’m not sure if I’ll get to keep the phone, but playing with it itself will be great fun. If I keep the phone, I will more than a happy rabbit on an easter’s day :D


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