Dear friends,
On the 13 of October 2007, all of our Muslims friend will be celebrating the Eid ul-Fitr or Eid Mubarak. At this time around, I would like to express my joy and happiness to all of my/our Muslims readers our there to have a very wonderful and pleasant Eid ul-Fitr. A one month of celebration for you guys and hopefully that it will be the most memorable one.

On this occasion too, I would like to make a wish to my friends who knows me, my neighbours, my blog readers and most importantly my gf Hannah (although you dont celebrate them but who cares!) Have a great Eid Mubarak/Eid ul-Fitr!! Dont forget to give me a call for the pot lucks! :-p If you want to post shout outs and wishes to your dear freinds or beloved one, dont hesitate to do so ok? Until next time fellas!

Angel “H” Lucifer