Good day laddies and lassies!
Ah finally, I can blog again! My office is going through some upgrades and all and internet access were blocked for a while. Limited access to the world wide web only for all personnel. Sucks huh? Well, finally I am able to get back online and blog again.
Well today Im gonna talk about the rumours that has been going on the net. Its about the HIDRAF rally that is going to happen this weekend. Yes, Malaysians are becoming more proactive towards their rights! Except for the governments of course. They are still the same. Surpressing the people who cares about their freedom of speech.
The purpose of this rally is to get an equal rights among the Indians in Malaysia. The main goal is to get atleast 100 000 signatures among the Indians in Malaysia. And once that is achieved, they will send the signatures to the Her Majesty in England herself. I dont know how they are going to do that but hey, at least they have a goal! Hahaha..
And why is Her Majesty Queen involved in this? It was said that back then when the Brits (wankers) are the ruler of Malaysia, before they let Malaysia to be governed by the Malaysians, an agreement was made between these two parties. One of the agreement stated that there should be equal rights among Malaysians (that includes the Malays, Chinese, Indians and the rest) And because of that, they want to get some justification regarding this. This is why Her Majesty Queen is involved!
So anyways, I would like to wish all of you who are going to go to this rally a very good luck. I support all of you in every corner. The government should know that the more they are trying to surpress the people, the more the people will retaliate. They have the power of regulating but we have the power to deregulate them! They might have forgotten, we vote for them and if this is the way they are going to treat us, might as well we stop voting and demand for better people to become politicians. To those effete arseholes at the parliaments!! Chers

Vendeta for the people,
Angel “H” Lucifer