HTC One Vs iPhone 5

HTC One Vs iPhone 5

After the HTC One introduced to the market last month, many have compared this latest HTC smartphones with iPhone 5. They both look almost the same in size and body wise, because they are aluminium based smartphone. But that’s the only similarities between these two smartphones.

Between these two, HTC One is bigger in size compared to the iPhone 5. A centimeter wider and taller, 4.7-inch display, HTC One is so much bigger in size compared to the 4-inch iPhone 5 display.HTC One Vs iPhone 5

The other major difference comes from the sloping sides of the HTC One. That’s the same design we first saw in the HTC 8X and Windows Phone, and later in 2012 in the Verizon Droid DNA. The battery is packed into the middle of the guts instead resting in the posterior, allowing for that teardrop shape that fits ever so nicely in the palm of your hand and makes a big phone feel smaller than it really is.

The iPhone wins out on weight, coming in about 30 grams lighter. Of course, it’s smaller.

Apple’s always been able to eke out decent sound from the smallest of devices, but there’s really no comparison to the front-facing stereo speakers on the latest HTC One, which are as stylish as they are functional.

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