Hola Cabron y Cabronas!
Im back after a long ass break and god Shahz have been bitching about posting a blog since then. Haih.. Anyways, my laptop is broken and Im writing this blog at my work place! Hope that my boss wouldnt find it out! Hahaha… Ok kids, today I would like to talk a little bit about this chain mail that I (my company) has been getting for the past couple of weeks. It sounds very very interesting so I want to share it with you guys about it. And this is how the email sounds like..
More less the usual content of the email is all about this rich family (most of the time the government and the royalties in Africa) who is having big problems right now. Running away from their own people from their own country with a bag full with money. In most of those emails, it is claimed that the money that they have with them are roughly around 25 million USD. Imagine that huh?
Anyways… It just got to my attention that the whole story line about how the husband (in most of the cases, the writer of the email would be the wife of the dead husband) was murdered by some militans or maybe some left wingers of the country and they want to over rule the country. The lastest one that I have got was from this lady who claimed that her dead husband was the prime minister of Zimbabwe who were slaughtered with an axe by the militans. Pretty scary huh? Sounds like Jason from the Friday 13 huh? Anywho….
So then the lady in the mail was saying that she needs my (the readers) help by simply emailing them back with your personal details. And most important your bank account number. Dodgy huh? Anywho, the reason behind this is because they want to cash in their huge amount of money (25 million USD) to your account for safety reason. And by doing that, they promised you that they will give you 20% of the money for sorta “thank you” money.
Interesting huh? Well, we all know that they are only trying to get you to reveal to them your account number so hey cabron y cabronas, never once you reveal those private infromation to the public ok? Especially to those who wants to give you 20% of 25 million USD! Because it is dangerous and stupid!!! Hihihihi
So my friend, if you have anymore interesting chain mails that you want to share with us like mine here please do so at our comment box down there :-) have a nice day guys!!