Everyday, new domains are setup with hammering offers being made on the internet. And we, the victims fall trap to these monkeyshines, end up paying for nothing. Some offers made sound ridiculous (*ehem* they actually ARE absurd) and yet we instigate ourselves to believe these. What should we do? How can we categorize which is fool and which is foolproof?
Some (if not all) of these site owners have just one reason for the whole course of action – MONEY! They convince you with sweet words first, and once they get your money, you realize that you don’t get even a dime of what they promised earlier.
So what should you do? Internet market is great gambling arena and where there is a win, there is a lost. I just have one mind set for myself, which is “if someone could do something outrageously positive for a person, he’d do it for himself rather than for others”. This is the truth no matter what you want to dispute. Here is an example of a site which may not be a scam site, but at least tried his best to cheat us.
http://myspacemasyuk.com – This site offers you to comment on myspace and make money. It’s worth RM10 (2.86 USD) to join and if you don’t join before 12:00am tonight, the price will be increased to RM50 (14.30 USD). The fact is, their tomorrow will never come :) and it’ll remain the same forever. How to detect it, change your clock to a different date and refresh the site. Tadaa..the date changes :) Fooled you didn’t they? If you have more tips to identify these scams, just post in the comments. I do have a huge tonne of tips to identify these scammers but let’s share rather than just keep it one sided :)