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Im here today to talk to you kids more about interviews. Have either of youse been into the situation where the interviewer asked you the most super ridiculous questions or some tricky questions that makes you wonder about the intelligence level of that person who asked you the question? Hmmm.. Enough said I have to say because Im here today to help you solve your problem :-) and here is the Interview FAQs 101!!!
Ok kids…
Let me enlighten you a little bit about the Frequently Asked Questions of the interviewer. You might to write this down because honestly, it does help you to prepare for the worse case scenario. Ok here are the most typical questions that interviewers always ask you and the way for you to answer them. Enjoy :-)
Tell me about yourself:
This is a normal question that they usually asked. Sorta an ice breaking questions. But the keypoint here is that dont ever repeat what you have said in your resume. Be creative. Talk about your passions/hobbies/interesting side of you. They usually judge you with your creativity here.
Why should we hire you?
Kids… This is a tricky question. Again, dont ever repeat your resume. Do a research about the company and the position that you are applying for. Relate it with your skills or educational background. Be creative about it. And always prove your interest in it! Be positive all the time and be confidence with your answer! Remember these key points, do not repeat your resume and always be positive, creative and interest with it!
What is your weaknesses and how did you overcome it?
For this type of question there are two types of answer that you can choose to answer the question. You can choose to turn the positive answer to a negative answer or you can choose to shoot squarely by telling the truth. Not to say that the first choice is to lie or something, no! Its just different I can say. Ok for the first choice, you can choose to turn the positive to the negative. For example, you can say that you are a perfectionist (which is a positive thing) and the results would be a high quality work. Although it does sounds cocky at first but if the way you present it is correct, then you are good to go. Dont make it sounds like you are super damn good or something! Settle for less.The second one is to tell about your real weakness. For example, tell them that you are forgetful. And you manage to handle it by buying a pda that has organizer in it! As simple as that!
What is your salary expectation?
This might sounds like an innocent question but yet it is the most tricky one!! DO NOT settle for less or the most! Always answer this question with and answer! This is because you never know what the salary expectation might be. They are judging you with your answer. If the salary is too low, you are considered not up for the challenge and if it is too high, damn you are too demanding!
Why do you want to work here?
Again, do a research about the company. And be specific about your reason. I usually go for how the company’s reputation as the main attraction and how I can relate it to my feild of knowledge! :-) As simple as that!
Are you willing to be relocate/transfer?
Oh dude!! This is one of the tricky question as well! You see if you are married and you answer yes! They will judge you negatively considering you have a family and your decision is not family oriented! The best answer for this is always to answer it back with an answer. That way, you can always play it safe! :-)
Now.. Lets go to the most annoying part! The brainteasers!!! I will only jot down some questions that I can remember of because there are so many of them out there!
- How come the manholes are round?
– How many fingers can be fitted in your nose?
– What will happened if the world is square?
– What does it take to stop a bulet?

You see kids… These questions doesnt neccesarily need to be answered correctly. They only judge you to it not by what your answers are! Your critical thinking skills are needed here! Creativity is a key asset here! Not your book smart! Remember that they will never be a wrong answer! Remember, it is not what your answers are! It is how you answer it is the most important thing! There is no right or wrong here ok kids?! :-)
So kids…
As you can see, these are some of the typical questions that they might or usually asked in an interview. Remember to always dress for success, be confidence with yourself, alwaysbe there atleast 15 minutes before and dont ever ever be over confidence! Good luck in trying kids and remember to always have fun in the interview room! Its always a plus if you are able to make them interviewers laugh!

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