Its me again boys and girls…

Im here again to tell you another story about job scammers. Since I started my job hunt, I have been scammed so many times SOO many ways too! (Oh scammers, you are everywhere arent you?) So here is a story about a new type of scam that I have found on the net that might be useful for you one day for the rainy day.

So to cut the story short I have found this advertisement online on Its under the category of hospitality under the job locations category of abroad. So I have found a couple of possibilites that I might be able to try my luck at. Some of them are hotel jobs (receptionist, waiter, bartender and so on) in London. The first hotel that I applied for was the Blue Lake hotel. Sounds very posh ey? Not that posh in the end because in the end when I Googled (a lil advertising :-p) that hotel, it doesnt exist! Hahaha…Funny right? You damn right! So I thought it was some illegal shit you know, like human smuggling or something like that. Hey! I dont want to be some cheap illegal Malaysian immigrant labour in England! Hell no! Im a Malaysian and we have status and standards you know!

Anyways as the story goes, couple of days later Ive got an email from a guy name Alfred Lampard from the Park International Hotel. And hell!! I went wheeeeeeeee!! (the actual Es used in the word whee are greater than the one shown) He said that I am appointed to be the receptionist there. Everything is provided y them. The employee’s flat, the flight ticket, and all that you could imagine of! Plus!! The salary is 2500 POUND!! YES!! 2500 POUND!! PERMONTH!!! Tell me how would you feel ey? Plus the website shows that there is such thing as Park International Hotel in London! Oh!! I felt so damn lucky! I got da most beautiful girl in the world and I got the job that every bum like me would dream of!

But in the end of the email he stated that I need to pay some amount of money for the paperwork. Eh?! What the fuck are these?! I said to myself. The payment is very hefty for a Malaysian like me, especially when you are a bum! 350 fucking pound ey! I need to pay 350 pounds for the paperwork fees. Thats RM2600 plus if im not mistaken (my math is not good at all so pardon my math) So I emailed him back and did some tug-o-war sessions with him. All of my questions about working permit and visas and all were ignored by him. He tend to focus more on how the company is concern about the employee’s welfare and by doing the transaction, the process will be faster and all that shit.

Luckily a super nerdy geeky friend of mine (cant tell the name) did some kool IT shit by tracing his domain. And in the end, we did find the truth. The actual Park International hotel is in England BUT the dude that claimed that he is from Park International Hotel is from America. This is done by tracing his IP address. So much for working in London huh?

So kids…
The moral of the story is that dont trust anyone online. They might offer you some fucking awesome job that would make you balls tingles but the truth is, they are just a bunch of numbnuts who scams people for money! Fucking wankers just want to fool all fools like me (jobless lads) by offering handsome cash in the handsome city! Just dont be fooled kids. Just when we thought that those English are civilized people huh? Fuck them! and Fuck job serching engine! They have done nothing but scamming people! Oh, Im still emailing that guy as he is trying to convince me about how his job is legal and all. Ill keep you guys updated once I have got the fuul story! Thats all for now kids and remember to stay away from drugs!! I miss my Lilith… She makes me high (oopss!) all the time and now I need her :-(

Yours truely,