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Have you ever seen this or heard this before? “Job Vancancies : Sales and Marketing Executives” or my all time favourite, “Looking for Management Trainer”. Wicked! Dont you think? You dont need to have experiences, you can shove your degrees/masters/diploma and the rest up your arses because they only need to use your high school results! Thats fucking amazing I say!! To tell you the truth, I myself as a professional bum (jobless) would find these fancy schmansy offer very intriguing! And there are millions of bums out there that would find this offer fancy too! Nonetheless with the (I would say) rather ridiculous amount of salary that you will be expecting make it even more intriguing. So as a proud citizen of Malaysia, I went and took the challenge of Malaysia Boleh by going to the interview…. Woohoo!!!

Day 1/ First interview:
It was the first day of interview. I drove there. Once again, the office building was damn fancy and posh. Situated just 5 minutes walking from KLCC and 6 minutes to the graveyards nearby. I would say that would be posh. Meh! So anyways, I went to the office itself. The name of the company was Nevcorp.org. Oh! Once again, the office was fancy schmansy too! I signed in for the interview and waited there. Bla bla bla bla bla… Couple of dudes and I were called for this group interview. Our interviewer was a women and her name was Ginger. She told us about shits like the company and all with her (I would say) medium Australian accent. Once again, bla bla bla bla bla…. “Tell us about yourself and your goals in future” usual and typical questions. Oh before I forget. She mentioned “working overseas” and “expected salary” a lot! Of course, the “expected salary” would be so ridiculous that it could be up to rm2000 perweek! Anyways, they said that there will be 3 rounds of interviews and if you are applicable for the second interview, they will give you a call. And after all of the crap that I talked about in that interview sessions I went home with a satisfied feeling that I am going to get the job! I told my gf about it and some of my friends! That was how excited I was. Oh, I had to pay rm10 for the parking ticket by the way. What a fucking rip off ey? And it was like what? 3 hours? Anyways, later on that night, I got a phone call from that Ginger girl and she told me that Im through for the second round of the interview. Once again, I was happy after the phone call.

Day 2/Second interview:
The interview session was held in the same fancy schamsy place in the Nevcorp.org office again. We were told that the second and third interview are going to be held today side by side. So far so good I said to myself. Then this guy with a bright blue tie greeted us. Oh, did I mention that there were about 10 of us? Ok, so he said that we will be watching a video presentation to let us know more about the company. Bla bla bla… Watched the video… Bla bla bla. So to make the story short, this was what the video was all about. Nevcorp.org is one of the small clusters of this main big company and they are called…… (with a majestic tone) the Cobra group. And these group do direct marketing. You know direct marketing right? Those annoying people who stops you by the train station to promote their product. Trust me, if you make eye contact with them, they will stop you! So DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT! Ever! Anyways I must say that these people really know how to bullshit and crap infront of camera very well. I was there and when I watched the video I was like…. Wow!! I mean they can really make you believe that direct marketing is the most and have been the most successful/effective way of promoting a product! I mean come on!! You cant bullshit a mass comm student! You can shit those degree of medical holder in their face but come on!! Not me!! I know that what is better and what is not! So anyways, apparently this Cobra group was found in Australia (what a bunch of numbnuts ey!) in 1986! And sad to say, they are all over the world! They are the people who provides their clients with outside source in the sense of giving services to our clients’ clients (thats what they wanted me to believe) So that was what the video is all about. Then after the video, it was the “going to meet the client” session.

It was around 12 and I was called to meet up with this girl named Joanne at the Nevcorp.org office. I met her and bla bla bla, she told me that she will be showing me how things are done. So basically she was like my guidance through out the whole day. We went to one company and since the company (nevcorp.org of course) have some sorta contract with the local internet provider, the reason we went there was because we were trying to scam their money by using the internet as the main reason. So yeah, we walked there and then we went to the company. Lets call that company Company A. So company A have just upgraded their internet connection recently. What is sad about it was that they did it through these organization aka Cobra group people. The best part was, the CEO of the company A thought that she is overcharged and was very much unwilling to pay for the extra charges. So with their manipulative skill, this Joanne girl managed to scam the CEO of company A. The best part was, she did not know much about what she talked about though. It was more less sounded like she was just beating around the bush! Money money money, give it to me… Thats what the sound that was produce by her by beating around the bush. So anyways, then we went to some more offices and in the end I walked to KLCC from the National Library after having lunch with her and her team members. Oh yeah and in the end, Joanne told me that there are no such thing as the 3rd interview. I just have to wait for a couple of days and they will give me a call if I am applicable for the job.

So from the conversation that I had with her during lunch, this is what I have gathered. If I was applicable to join them, there will be 5 stages that I need to go through. You guys might be asking what the fuck are they right? Well no worries, here they are…
1st stage: sales rep aka the bullshitter. They are the one who scam people for their money
2nd stage: leaders aka the-not-that-big-of-a-bullshitter. They lead the bullshitter.
3rd stage: team leader aka the boss of the shitter. They are the one who look after their own turf.
4th stage: manager assistant aka the big boss’s ass kisser. They are the next to be boss of the shitter company.
5th stage: the manager aka the don of bullshitter. He is the big fucker who shits everyone he meets on their face.

So yeah, this stages are your rank. Basically the more you bullshit on someone’s face, the more chances of you getting promoted to the bigger and higher shitter. And once again, the salary that they told everyone was so fucking unbelievably ridiculous that it will make Bill Gatez quit his job and join the Cobra group!! For every product that they sold, they will get up to 80% of the profit. Imagine that! It was said that the don of bullshitter earns 50k a week! Hahaha… Come on!!

Anyways boys and girls…
That was a story of me. I just want you guys to be aware of them. They are just using you for their own purposes. To scam and to cheat people. This is the new age of MLM (multi-level-marketing) They have made a breakthrough by working side by side with big and well known companies. Their aims and goals are always the same and that are to cheat and scam money. Unfortunately, I went to the interview. It was a waste of money. I didnt have any information about it whatsoever so I dont want you guys to be cheated like how I was cheated. Trust me, you dont want to get yourself into those traps. There are no such things as fast money and the opportunities of working overseas. So remember boys and girls, never trust a company that used the name COBRA in them!!

Update: Just look at how scammers make their website :) Tell me what information do you get from it..
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Shot at 2007-07-13

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