Hello there guys..It’s tech time again today..hehe..
Now everyday, we learn something new and today is just another lesson..Now for this post, there are several possibilities that you actually reached here..

  1. Either you saw the following image:
    Internet Gateway on Windows XP
    You didnt know what to do and Googled for it, and found out this link
  2. You are subscribed to the blog and this is your home, so you get to know new stuff
  3. You just woke up, grabbed a cup op coffee and suddenly a thought of “www.ShahZ.net” came into your mind and you came here

Whatever the reason is, we’ll just proceed to what is this Internet Gateway, and what should you do about it..
Basically, if you have this in your Network Connections folder, it is most likely that your computer have Windows Live Messenger coz this component is automatically installed by Windows Live Messenger on several computers mostly when the network is super slow or you are bound to a firewalled network and system. Now for some computers, you may get Internet Gateway and some computer might end up having the Linux IGD..Basically both of them are the same..They implement the UPnP Internet Gateway Device specification (IGD) and allows UPnP aware clients, such as MSN Messenger to work properly from behind a NAT firewall.
But do realize that as these gateways open, they tend to open up connections and may result in poor traffic for other purposes..Your internet browsing, downloading, etc might be effected with having this..Nevertheless, your Windows Live Messenger will function like a charm :) At the worst phase of your network, surprisingly your messenger will work just fine..
Apart from IMs, these Internet gateway points are also effective in improving online games, P2P downloading and all other connections where the network has to be routed between two or more network chain.
So you don’t like it and you want to remove it? What should you do? It’s simple enough..Just follow these steps..

  1. 1. Go to your Control Panel folder, and select “Add or Remove Programs”
  2. 2. Click the Add/Remove Windows Component button on the left
  3. 3. Select “Networking Services” in the list and click Details..
  4. 4. You shall see Internet Gateway Device Discovery and Control Client there. Uncheck it (remove the tick)
  5. 5. Click OK and restart your computer. It shall be lost from the Network Connection folder

Do note that if you want have the Internet Gateway on your computer, repeat the same steps but in step 4, instead of removing it, make sure it is checked..So feedback if there is anything you would want to know or share..Leave a comment..Till the next post guys..Chill~