Malaysian government website attacked – our IT got raped!

So, last night, the claimed attack by Anonymous took place and shut down a wide number of government websites. More than 40 websites were gang-banged hard enough to take them out at night for hours. Even the expected attack on took place and the site was still down by 10am – after about 7 hours. What does all this point to? Who’s to be blamed?
In my personal opinion, I don’t put the blame on the hackers. In fact, I support them and they deserve the credit for their actions. For such websites owned by government, the security should not be compromiseable. Laugh at their “nevermind” attitude now. What pisses me off are the projects that are ridiculously priced but are totally opposite in the implementation. Why would a facebook page cost RM1.8million? And all the responses given (bug testing, etc) makes us think if these developers actually think that we are stupid or some sort.
While some pages were defaced (like penang’s uitm page), others were mostly DDoSed with packets of data, shutting them down for hours. The hard fact is that whatever is created by humans, can be reverse engineered by humans themselves. If you have a room filled with gold items and forget to shut the door, you should definitely expect the thieves at anytime – in fact you are inviting them.

My friend yesterday quoted this incident as “history in the making” and I had to be part of the deal so I was awake the entire time just watching the incidents happening before my eyes. At least struggling developers like us will finally be given an outlook probably.

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