Hi there guys..
Today is a happy day for me and all the credit goes to Polis Di-Raja Malaysia (PDRM) for their efforts. What happened? Well, last month, my house was broken into by robbers. Me and my family were in Shah Alam to visit my cousins. We stayed there for a night before returning back home. Here’s the great part. Before we went back, my brother drove back home first since he had to go to work. About 7 hours later, we were back home too (of course, my brother was already at his workplace by then). As we reached the house, everything seemed normal – until we found out that the door was locked from the inside. Something was fishy here. We tried our best to open the door, but it was fastened tightly. We started to panic..
I took a wooden stick and gave another one to my dad to checkout what was going on. My dad called my brother asking why did he lock the door from the inside – of course he didn’t. As we went to the back of our house, we found that the backdoor was bare opened. Inside the house, everything was messed up. Jewelleries were scattered all the way, the condition was bizarre. I quickly went upstairs to find out who’s behind the scene for the incident but in vain. Immediately, my dad went to the police station and lodged a police report. All this while, I have seen many cases of houses being broken into by robbers, and all that the police does is just take down the report – for insurance purposes that is. This night, it was different. The loss was huge. My dad lose his precious watches worth more than RM200k total, his laptop which was given by Shell, our camcorder, some other electronic gadgets etc.
Moments later, the Police officers came along with some CID investigators..At first, it didn’t surprise me much..It was much like a showmanship than job to me..Anyway, we let them do their job and I just watched them taking the fingerprints etc. It was undeniably fun though being in the temporary CSI environment..hehe..So, they completed their job in about 2 hours or more and then leave the scene..I kept in mind that this was just a formality and there will be nothing proven above the case study..So I closed the chapter..
This week, when I returned back home, my dad told me that the police officer called him saying that the robber has been caught..I was surprisingly SHOCKED! Whow, how did they do that? He said that the police tracked down the culprit and found his details. They took him into remand, hit him and made him talk..It was a tough job though, but he spoke up in the end..My dad got back his Rolex watch and the police are still “workin” on the guy and get back the other items..
As for the laptop, Shell’s laptop use the GI-D system which is a locked-down machine and needs an ID card along with it’s password to login..Without those two, the laptop is useless – smart system Shell :) The police discovered the laptop in Cyberjaya as it was sent there for crackin into the system. They are still trying to contact the person who has the laptop and it won’t be long before they find out. I’m just patient now and let the police do their job..
So here is my token of appreciation to PDRM for their effective job. I believe having a solid department like this will curb the crime around in our country. Keep up the good work! We know we can trust you! Respects from me~