Maxis Family Plan
Hello everybody..You can see that the blog has been updated with new themes..Features maintained the same..Two new blogger joint the fun..Expect more exciting stuff coming..I just got a call from Maxis the other day and I have something very interesting to share with all of you..Yeah, Maxis plan – and all that you need to know about it..Just read on..

So, Maxis Plan..yeah..Im sure you’ve seen it everywhere..Free calls, free SMS..bla bla bla..Now here’s what you really would want to know about the plan..I had an ex-gf whom I used to contact very frequently and my bill used to rise up to RM150 to RM200..Depending on the usage..So, one day, this Maxis guy approached me..and explained about the plan..

Here’s the plan..You get a phone line which you dont have to pay monthly rental, but you have to pay RM75 per month – which happens to be the minimum usage and you MUST use it..Not using that much will result in you paying the amount anyway for that month..In family plan, you get to add more users under your number (up to 5 excluding yourself) and the for every line added, their usage must be RM50 per month..The good deal is that you can sum up your usage with your shared people – If you use RM125 for that month and one of your member didnt use up his RM50, it will be accumulated in your account and hence, he doesnt have to pay for his usage..Nice deal eh? That’s how impressed I was too..

But of course, big companies with big products always have loop holes which you have to extract by yourself..Unfortunately, you will only get to know about this when you’re already the user..Every member calling his other member within the package gets 20 hours of free talk time and 2000 sms..Seems a lot..Indeed it is alot..You never get to use all of it..Here’s what happened to me..

I used the package as it was promised, I called my gf every night and day..anytime i wanted..End of the month, I was charged RM250..Whow..! What a shock..It wasnt free after all..What went wrong? I called maxis..They told me that the package was still new and it would be only effective starting from the proceeding month..What the FUCK?!What do you want me to do now? Pay it?Damn! So I pay it up..The next month comes and passes by..RM350..SHIT! This aint getting real anymore..!I called them reason..package still new so they’re having problems handling the system..Who the fuck cares? All that matters to me is, you promised and you should fulfill..They told me that they will deduct it in the next bill..Fine, I wait for it..

Next month comes..Another bill..RM600+..Now what? They did deducted the amount..but fucked up the calculation..They were supposed to pay back RM200 and they just deducted RM50+ and above it, for the past month, they piled up the bill further..I kept paying and paying..It’s hard for a student to earn that much money..In the end, I was in debt and all they saked from me was money money and money..I didnt bother about the line..Left it as it is..So did my gf..

One day, they called me up and said that my phone isnt been used and I havent paid my bill..So they want to terminate my line..GO AHEAD! Be my guest! Who cares about it anymore! They terminated my line and asked me to visit their branch..haha..I did..Went to the Ampang branch – which I wasted time by doing so coz it was already closed down for good :) They kept pushing me to pay the amount without even deducting any amount..I didnt bother to pay..

One day, recieved another email from them saying they deducted some amount from my piled up bill..Yeah, took away my deposit of RM100 too..Smart eh?I thought i’d visit their branch and argue about the case..That was before they sent me a WARNING letter asking me to pay or they’ll drag me to court..WAH!They asked me to pay RM250 now..I paid part by part..Still have some balance yet to be paid..I kept patience..A couple of days ago, one of their reps called me up and asked me about the remaining amount..I said I’ll pay it over time..There’s no use to argue with them..They wont give up and will never bother to listen to u..

The best part is, the Maxis rep sent me an SMS about the payment, and he was using a Digi number.. :) Ironic isnt it? haha..I was laughing my ass off over it..Well, I’ve been a loyal member of Maxis (since 2001) and never switched my telco provider..Seeing this happening to me was definitely sad..I would just say one thing, Don’t get the Family plan..It kills..