Microsoft announces new boomerang shaped Sculpt Ergonomic keyboard

As many of us are either gamers or PC enthusiasts, we often overlook the more office / productivity oriented mice and keyboards that are available on the market. Today, Microsoft unveiled two new keyboard and mice combos to its Sculpt line of Ergonomic peripherals. The company designs these new models based on the input from more than 5,300 workers that say they experience discomfort on a daily basis when working with traditional keyboards and mice.






First, we have the boomerang shaped Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop bundle, which features an oddly shaped key layout with a wide split in the middle. Microsoft says this split provides the perfect angle which allows users to rest their hands more naturally on the keyboard. This set also includes a separate wireless number pad and wireless mouse, which has also been redesigned to fit more naturally in the user’s hand.






The second offering unveiled today is dubbed the Sculpt Comfort Desktop Bundle and features a more traditional looking keyboard with a curved typing service and flat numerical keypad. A detachable palm rest is present alongside a split spacebar. The mouse included in this set also features a new design that integrates a Windows touch tab that allows users to swipe over this blue button to view or cycle through open applications.


The Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop bundle is available at all major electronics retailers with a pricing point of $129.95 for the bundle, or $80.95 for the keyboard and $59.95 for the mouse. The Sculpt Comfort Keyboard has the MSRP of $79.95 for the bundle, or $59.95 and $39.95 for the keyboard and mouse, respectively, if purchased separately.
Source: tweaktown

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