We’re just hours away from the Motorola Moto X’s big reveal, and even in the final hours information is still rolling in. This time, a couple of Motorola’s apps for the device (and other newer devices) have popped up in the Google Play Store and Chrome Web Store. The first is Motorola Connect, a Chrome extension that will allow you to see who is calling and texting you from your desktop PC.

You won’t need to reach for your phone to see who is trying to get in touch with you. What’s more is that you can respond to text messages from your browser, as well. Pretty neat stuff, I’d say. This app should also work for the latest DROID devices, whenever those are available.

The other app is Motorola Migrate, which — as the name predictably implies — will help facilitate the transfer of your contacts, text messages, call history, media, and other settings from your old smartphone. It’s nothing groundbreaking or surprising, but there it is anyway. It’s in the Google Play Store right now, though without a Moto X it’s probably a bit useless at this current moment in time.

We’ll be looking to get a closer look at all those features and more once the device is officially unveiled today. Don’t forget that we’re in New York City to take it all in, so stay tuned for coverage of everything Moto X throughout the course of the day.