MP3 management is essential for those who don’t just love music, but keep a library of audio files in their desktop. It is important to have a good management of your music files when you have gigs of bytes of music in your library. What is even more important, is to have the Perfect application to do the job for you. I have tried several applications for my music management and keep changing them as they do not feed me with what I really need for my music management. I’ve tried Windows Media Player, iTunes, WinAmp, MusicMatch Jukebox, Helium Music Manager, and tonnes more to name. The biggest problem I face is, one application lacks a feature to another and I just couldn’t find something that could fit everything in ONE application. The last one I was using was iTunes since I just got my iPOD player. It almost had everything I need until I realized there are a lot of features that I need to unlock by registering to iTunes Store – which, apparently is not supported in my country. Well, these testing came to an end when I finally got my hands on MediaMonkey – by far the BEST MP3 management tool any music enthusiast should have!

So, what’s so cool about MediaMonkey at all? Let us see, where should we begin from? ID3 tags management, AlbumArt updates, Podcasts, iPOD and other music gadget support, Net Radio, Automatic MP3 management, what more could you ask from an MP3 management application?! Now, MediaMonkey offers ample enough features for an average user, but there is an option to upgrade to GOLD for $20 – which, believe me, will be worth every cent you spend on it! MediaMonkey manages lots of music format – not just MP3 of course. Support for Ogg, AAC, eAAC, WMA, MP4, and almost all major music formats is included. I wouldn’t want to break the excitement of course, so why not, give it a try yourself? Download MediaMonkey at

Album Art addition to MP3 files
Among the most favorite feature that I like in MediaMonkey is the Album Art management. You can either manually upload the Album Art to it or let MediaMonkey do the job for you. Most of u are lazy bums, so I guess I will explain the latter method. Its very easy, trust me! First of all, open the MediaMonkey console, and add your music files to the console. Then, go to the “Album” icon. Select the album that you want to add the AlbumArt (one at a time). Once it is highlighted, hit “Ctrl + L” and the popup will load. Here, it will look up the ID3 tags, and the AlbumArt for the selected album. Check the boxes you want to update your MP3 file with, and hit Auto-Tag. The rest will be done by MediaMonkey itself :) Simple eh? However, the results might be distorted if your MP3 files are not named properly. I still would give it a 87% accuracy which I achieved for my complete MP3 library. Which is great of course for 8GB of music files. This is very useful for those who can’t register an account on iTunes Store. So, get a copy of MediaMonkey for yourself and start enjoying it just like I am enjoying it. And dont forget to upgrade it to GOLD! Believe me, it’s worth it! :)