Hi there guys..Well, I just repaired my laptop this morning..Took me two hours to open the whole Travelmate 4050, dig into the problem and re-assemble it – compared to half an hour for a desktop -_-” So I found the problem, took an image of the component..Well, the chip was too small and I wanted to see the small text on the chip..Once the picture was taken, I couldnt see the text on the chip (after zooming the image to its original size)..Now..if this was my previous long lost N70, I wouldn’t think further due to the 2MPx without much sophisticated systems integrated in it..But this is the N95! Come on! Dont tell me Carl Zeiss lens with auto-focus feature cant do better than this! So I fiddled around with the camera and YES! I got the delicate pic WITH the text visible! Whee! See guys, Im not a camera expert and if you start talking about the high-tech camera stuff, I’ll be looking at your face like a jackass knowing nothing at all..but hey, I do have interest in camera pic taking – especially when the camera is FREE and it’s attached to your favourite mobile phone :P
Well, I wouldnt reveal the image I took about the chip..but instead, I have made up some images to differentiate the auto-focus function on the camera. These are the pictures of my laptop’s keyboard, focused towards the A, S and Z key..
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This is the first image..Click it to enlarge..This was taken with the auto-focus, auto-flash and smooth sharpness..The image is totally screwed..There was ample light and the flash topped it up to make it look horrible..All the keys are blurred and the red colour (yes my lappy is red in colour) looks totally orange!
Second shot..
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This image was taken with the close-up mode, auto-flash and smooth sharpness..The flash once again screwed up the image and colours but look at the keys..They’re now visible..The dispersion of the flash distorted the white colour of the texts on the keyboard..So you guys just found out what’s not needed here – YES! The Flash..So lets remove it..
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Tada..And your picture is ready..The red is so visible now, the keys are focused just as I wanted them to be..The A, Z and S key are nicely focussed..Just the way it should be..So I hope you enjoyed this short tute..Till we see again..