System Clock
Now you can name your system clock in your system tray :) I bet you would love this one. It looks nice and personal, but there are no official benefits of doing this actually. It’s just for fun :)

How to do this, is very simple actually. In fact, some of you guys might already have guessed how to do it ;) All you have to do is, go to Start -> Control Panel -> Regional and Language Options, select Customize.. and select the Time tab. now look at this image and you will get the idea :)

Regional Options

Simple enough eh? Hit Apply and OK, and the results will be displayed immediately. Now, just keep in mind that there is one drawback of using this trick. Whenever an application calls the time function from your system, it will display the format as you have set it. For example, as you see in your MS Outlook, it appears as the following:
The errors you may get
But if it doesnt bother you much, then its fine after all to use this trick. Just to impress people who use your computer ;)